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AnonCarp (played anonymously)

Hey Hey Hey,

As the title suggests, I'm an absolutely huge sucker for the romance genre. But I understand that by itself can usually be boring, so I usually combine it with Fantasy or criminal-esc type genres (Mafia/Mob boss type stuff.) But I wanna know what you combine the romance genre with and possibly get inspiration from that.
Oh my gosh!
I love Period Dramas and OF COURSE the comedy of errors and theatrics that comes with everything about polite society stories.

However, I think exploring romantic themes and relationships in traditionally "unromantic" settings is my absolute favorite.

People fighting for something important, and yet finding time for romance is so good!
The intimacy tied to our emotional vulnerability and humanity in rough places is so savory to me.
It's messy, but also so hopeful and vibrant.
I always consider 'Romance' as more if an umbrella genre than a genre on its own. You can incorporate romance into just about any genre... medieval, fantasy, modern, historical, sci-fi, dystopian, etc. Yes, I usually have some sort of romantic sub-plot in my roleplays of any genre.
I tend to mix romance with supernatural elements. From spirits, to demons, to magic, to vampires, lycans, immortals, faerie, dragons, etc. I find there are just so many variables when the supernatural are involved. And that gives me so many angles go with. I love the inclusion of romance in dire circumstances, journeys of the characters finding themselves, battling a foe that means them, their home or the world ruin, or just opposing groups that just have different views on how things should be. I feel like combining aspects like these lead to some of the most interesting plots and stories. And you never know where it all might go.

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