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Heyo!! I know I but I had no idea what I wanted to post 😭
Either way!! I'm looking for some BxB Agent 24/Captain 3 x Agent 8 RPs with my Agent 8 (information will be sent in private) who I'll be playing as!! Here's some extra stuff about my RP style and boundaries;

- I mostly use Discord DMs, please send a friend request or message request if you're interested! My tag is AFTERGUTZ if you ever need it!
- I have a semi-literate to literate roleplay style (paragraphs) and would greatly prefer if you had the same. I also tend to match response length whenever I can! The longer the response length, the better, as I like having a lot to work off of in terms of writing.
- also please no one liners or asterisks. Quite frankly, they annoy me and I can't work well off of them
- I am not doing NSFW, no questions asked. I'm 18, yes, but NSFW makes me uncomfortable.
- references for my Agent 8 will be sent over during the discussion phase! Same with all the information I have as of now
- We can discuss more in DMs!! Things like plot, characters, other boundaries, triggers/discomforts, etc I'll be open to discuss!

Thank you in advance!!

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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