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Altiuiri (played anonymously)

For example, Altiuiri here is aroace and non binary, but only because they have evolved past the need for mortal concepts such as gender, sex, and romance while the only thing that they love more than themself is themself at the head of the pantheon of gods ruling the entire universe

Do you have any similar characters?
Oh gosh, I think all my characters are just little parts of me. So most of them are to some degree of probably Monogamous, Bi and Switchy Femmes.

I personally find it difficult to fully and respectfully??? represent anything different.
I'm a raging butch lesbian myself so it feels more natural and enjoyable for me to write queer characters, but I have some straights here and there too. To me it all really comes down to how I envision them to be, so usually it's not for a 'creative reason', it's just because they are that one.

One exception, though, is Krajar DiVoo, the shy cultist person who ends up turning into my big scary horror werewolf character, Clickjaw. Before they turn into Clickjaw, they are what people would consider 'agender': they don't really have a strong sense of gender at all, but that's not necessarily because that's how their brain works. It's because of how they are raised. As a low-ranking cultist, the only real thing that gives them identity is their name and their position within the cult (for them, it's that they wash the dirty laundry in underground geysers pits), and gender doesn't really matter there, as all and everyone is equal in the eyes of their patron god. Only the higher-ranking members can choose to have a gender and express themselves accordingly, but the lower ranks are not given any gender or chance to express themselves.

So, yeah, it's a cultural thingy, I guess? At any rate, their agender-ness is a result of their upbringing and societal position and not so much an expression of their true self, which was a creative choice I made. I doubt Krajar would be a cis man if they were given the change to explore their gender, though. Maybe I'll explore that in an AU someday.
Dang- honestly for me its on a case by case basis. Most of the time my characters are Queer in some way, shape or form because that's what I'm most comfortable with writing. Since I too am Queer in many ways. But sometimes I have male characters who only like other males/masculine characters due to their background. (ie; not so healthy relationships with female partners, not healthy female figures..etc.)

But I suppose if you're wanting to know the most interesting reason one of my characters is Queer, has to be due to spite. They aren't on the site, but I have this character who wasn't capable of keeping potential suitors that their parents tried pairing them up with because they were stubborn, didn't act the way that was expected of them. And wasn't a doormat. So after a hugeee blowup with their parents, the character ran away. And essentially transitioned, became a super punky person and began helping other people in not so great situations. They basically showed that the gender roles/expectations are flawed.
like a lot of people in this thread, I feel most comfortable playing characters that are queer in some way, but for most of them it's just the way they are, no special reason other than that queer people exist.
however, I think my characters Nyx and Clover are the closest to being queer for creative reasons; the characters have nothing to do with each other, but their situation is similar: both have no biological sex because their respective species' never do. Clover is a demon in a world where demon children are born from molding souls into a baby; many of these demons pick a gender of some kind to go by, but others don't, and it's not a big deal either way, just as it isn't a big deal what gender(s) and number of people are romantic partners.
Nyx was created by some weird eldritch dream guy who saw no reason to give gender to his offspring.
so, both of these characters have atypical relationships with gender. Nyx generally considers herself female-adjacent; if she had access to a list of gender labels, she would pick demigirl. Nyx is usually feminine-presenting and referred to as she/her and feminine nouns, but is comfortable with they/them, it/its, and neutral nouns as well. they wouldn't be crazy about masc terminology being used for them.
Clover, on the other hand, could not possibly care less how they are seen or referred to. I tend to default to they/them and neutral terminology when talking about this character, but they are really fine with any pronouns, any nouns, etc. if Clover was to pick a specific label, they would say agender; they have no gender, no concept of gender, and no care for what gender people choose to see them as.

I also have Yuki, who is sort of queer for both meta reasons and "this is just how people can be" reasons. they sort of have this... unusual but perfectly realistic thing going on? there are things about them that are perfectly possible for humans, but many would see as weird or wrong. so, Yuki is intersex, and essentially identifies with this biological neitherness. they would just say nonbinary if asked; the rest isn't anyone else's business. (they are also mute, neurodivergent, and of mixed race, all things that should not be seen as abnormal, but often are by society.) ... oh, and they travel through dimensions. that's usual for humans, right? :>
also, Nyx is an asexual lesbian, Clover is aroace, and Yuki is asexual-omniromantic with a preference for other nonbinary people (and they're dating one :D) (all of my characters are either asexual or unspecified because it will never be relevant, as I myself am ace and very uncomfortable with anything sexual in nature.)
To be honest, it's nice to get to have characters who are queer for no reason at all. It doesn't have to be for some "creative" reason, it doesn't have to be plot relevant in any way, it doesn't need some reason to be... It just is. Especially when it comes to the identities that seem to always get explained by the character being some sort of being that that identity is just inherent to, like asexual robots and non-binary aliens and whatnot. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with such things existing, it's just that it seems more like a standard "excuse" for it rather than a "creative reason" by this point. ^^;

I certainly have some characters who fall into that, of course. Like, yeah, my character Alchemy is a magical construct for whom being aro, ace, and agender is just what makes the most sense. I have other, more "naturally" occurring characters with similar things going on, and I don't totally count it as queer for them, since it strikes me as what would be "typical" for such beings. And don't really choose much what the orientations of my other characters are, either (I guess I mostly do with gender, though...?); usually, something will just somehow make sense for the character.

The oddest case I think I have so far is a character that a friend an I developed together that was supposed to just be some temporary antagonist in a game we were doing, and it wasn't originally even supposed to be a super serious character. She was an outwardly human-passing, female-modeled spy & combat android. Because of how the game was set up, I was the one to actually play her. She ended up sticking around longer than expected, even forming an awkward little family with some other characters. It was pretty cute. But specifically the odd thing... She was asexual by default (capable of rewriting her code, but she never bothered to change that), but I'm still not sure whether she qualified as aromantic or not (and it's easier to assume she wasn't based on how things played out), and she definitely had a stronger sense of gender than I do. Like, I remember discussing with my friend about potentially giving her a "sex change" for a plot we were considering, and I swear I felt like she got annoyed with me immediately. Like, sure, my characters can be fussy and uncooperative sometimes, but that's the first time I remember feeling like it was directed at me. (My friend and I decided to scrap that plot idea.) So, yeah... that robot is very much a woman.
Altiuiri (played anonymously) Topic Starter

I'm not trying to say it needs to be for a creative reason, I have several characters that are just because they are. Heck, this is my one character that is for a creative one lol
Comet is stargender because they are quite literally made from an exploded star, and they don’t really understand the concept of gender. Despite this, they use he/they and sometimes star/stars/starself pronouns. They find themself disliking being called a she, despite enjoying feminine clothes such as dresses.
My main character on this site, Jamie, is intersex because there generally isn't a lot of intersex characters in the roleplay space. They aren't exactly the best representation of intersex, but it is a Fantasified intersex so whatever.

Also I thought it would be interesting for sexuality to be a genetic trait, so bisexuality is the norm in their species instead of any other.

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