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what i mean by this is like, if you have lore for a character of yours thats so niche that it'd never be brought up normally, or some worldbuilding for a world of yours thats totally irrelevant but interesting, i wanna hear about it. i'm talking stuff like your character has an allergy to latex and bananas or like, the usage of a plant in your world related to sassafras and how it evolved.
My character Joot hates the color yellow, his step mother is a rabbit, and his skin underneath his fur is baker-miller pink as seen with his nose and paw pads. His design originally was a random character from a webcomic I liked that I found from a live wallpaper, but I edited him to a point where any similarities are minor (blue eyes, black fur, cat) and basically made him into my own character.
Sorriso (played anonymously)

*cracks knuckles*

- Sorriso was only going to be used for one RP, but then me and my best friend went wild with it and now we have, like, 3 different RPs involving him, and we're actually in-progress of making the 3rd RP right now.

- Sorriso's character was inspired by two things. "Circus Monster (Demo)" sung by VOCALOID Oliver, and a few photos Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler.

- The backstory was co-created by @SillySpider here on RPR, after asking for help concepting Sorriso.

- He has gone by three alias so far, the third alias not yet stated in RP yet but is going to be. In his circus guise, his name was Miles, and in his hospital patient guise was Sora Paine. (Yes, the last name is a pun-)

The guise name for this new RP is "Strada" which roughly translates to 'Street' in Italian.

- In RP, I write more of Sorriso's thoughts more than dialogue, which ends up being a lot more funny and better storytelling than if I just chose to do only dialogue.

- He's a dumbass. I mean that in the most affectionate way possible, I swear-
Finally, an excuse to spam someone with some "behind the scenes" stuff!

  • Vince has around 30 "current" jobs and around 20 fun-facts in his profile. They're set to random. There is some goofy stuff in there.
  • His blood type started out as B, because I wanted something common and it sometimes came up when vampires were involved. As his backstory evolved, it was a bit easier to justify it if he had a more rare blood type, so he got AB-. I feel strangely uncomfortable giving characters rare traits like that, it always feels like an attempt to make them super-special, although he shouldn't be.
  • The name was taken form an a Urban Shadows character of mine. The proto-Vince turned into a full wolf by night and was human by day, had just been released from prison as the game started. The last time he was seen, he was lying down to die after killing his old childhood-friend turned arch rival at the end of a escalating conflict, filled with love, betrayal, misunderstandings and gunfire. It was an awesome noir plot! Still, current Vince is a somewhat different character.
  • The novel "Johnny Lycan & the Anubis Disk" was a huge influence on Vince's backstory. There is a throwaway line about the main character having trouble at school growing up, because of his moon-based hyperactivity/lethargy, and I just thought that it would make for a very interesting background. When I've read the second novel of the series, I've realized that I subconsciously had stolen more from the main character than just that line.

  • Rey started out as an NPC for a game of Atomic Highway I DMed. I needed a former leader for a fox-themed raider gang. He originally was planned as a filler-character for guest players, so they wouldn't have to create new characters if they wanted to join the group for an evening or two (we were playing at a club-meeting). He was a bit of a Han Solo or Captain Jack Sparrow type, an uneasy alley that had similar goals as the group, but it wasn't quite sure if he would betray them. He only came up during one or two evenings, because I didn't want to overuse him or steal the spotlight away from the party, but I just liked the design very much - current Rey never has been a gang leader though.
  • The main inspiration for the Atomic Highway-campaign and therefore Rey was Ashes 2063 and Ashes Afterglow. Other works I shamelessly stole from: KKND, Mad Max, Weapon Brown, Car Wars and probably a lot stuff I can't remember.
  • While he is very human by the definition of the rules and probably from the view of any other wasteland dweller, he is a ginger that survives very well in an outback wasteland flooded with desert sun. It must be some kind of minor mutation or evolution, yes, that is the reason, and not the fact that I just paid little attention when creating the character!
My character Roland has no prior memories about his business including how he came into owning it because he made a mistake with a malicious Fae and was barely able to avoid disaster. Afterwards he purposely made a deal with a different Fae to grant him the ability to see through the disguises of Fae, but the price of that was his memories of making the deal and everything after.
Also in a world I'm working on, the birdfolk Kra have a special dessert made out of seeds covered in a floral flavored syrup and pressed into a small cake. It is also often decorated with rosewater flavored buttercream in the shapes of flowers. No Kra can agree on the best seed mix or best maker, everyone believes their local shop/grandmother/mother is the superior creator.

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