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I have tried and tried again to move a message with the option to move to inbox in my PMs, but it won't move. In order to move that PM message to my Inbox, I have to Unarchive it. Only then does it show up in my Inbox but not when I choose the "Move to Inbox" option.

This is also the case if I have an OOC folder or a Role-Play folder. Can't move any in or out. Can't even separate OOC messages from the RP's and move them to separate folders. They all end up being in the same one. Anyone else having the same issue?
Kim Site Admin

Archived messages remain in whatever folder (the inbox is just another folder, basically) in which they were archived. They are just hidden from that folder unless you choose the "show archived" option. So choosing "move to inbox" DOES move it there, but it won't unarchive it. Unarchiving is a separate action.
-Knight- Topic Starter

Ahhh, that's why. That explains things. Thanks for explaining Kim! ^_^

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