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The title can't be long enough to explain what I mean so, basically I want to make my group's Lore page have the Regions, Guilds, and Calendar pages show up underneath the page links after clicking Lore instead of having them be dropdown links.

The old Auroverse group used to have this, but since they've changed their page a lot, I don't have an example, and since I haven't talked to anyone from Auroverse in a while, I cannot just ask how they did it.
Claine Moderator

Hmm... They might've been unlisted pages which they then linked in the body of the group.

On the Edit Profile Menu where you can create group pages, there's a section called 'Additional Pages'. You can drag and drop your group pages into that section. Then you can create links in a text widget at the top of your other pages.
Looks like y'all figured it out, which is good! Just so it's clear (as the owner of the old Auroverse roleplay group), you can always poke me if you have any questions. I remember you pretty well and my communications are always open both here and on Discord. :)

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