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Hi everyone! I am back home from my trip and commissions are open again! I am ready to take on your projects, whether big or small, props or characters, ychs, or unique scenes, you name it.

As we ramp up towards my favorite season (autumn) I'm really going to be pushing my productivity, so expect to see more from me, or bigger projects when I do produce items after dry spells. I'd like to focus on projects I've had unfinished for a long time, whether personal or for sale, as I try to complete a mental cleanup so I can make room for new ideas- a mental spring-summer cleaning, if you will.

But, as always, I need to make money, so please don't hesitate to bring your creative ideas my way, I always love seeing your pretty characters and incredible monsters, amazing jewelry, weapon and armor prop ideas. Believe me when I say, these things are truly some of my favorites to work on, and your commissions, big or small, do VASTLY improve my living conditions. My DMs are ALWAYS open for inquiries, quotes, or even just hypothetical down-the-road idea chit-chats for your future ideas. I also do pay-over-time options, if your ideas are just a little too big for your current pocketbook, I'm always willing to accomodate in whatever way I can to make your ideas a reality if possible. I also have a lot of affordable options on my etsy shop.

If a chat isn't really your style, here are some other resources where you can find me and have your questions answered!

Join my Discord:
Discord users have access to sales, openings, trades and discounts first.
PS, coming soon, Discord users on my server will also be eligible for exclusive Etsy discounts for massive savings on various art packs and YCHs. So, if you haven't joined already, do so!




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