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Sanne Moderator

See reason, LOL. I don't want people having to sign up to comment, but I'd like to be able to prevent folks like this to continue commenting in the future. You know, for the stalkers who have their panties wedged so far up their crack they feel the need to post like that.

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Or maybe an option to set guestbooks to be for site members only?

Or an option to remove comments? (If there isn't one already, I haven't used the guestbook yet!)
Kim Site Admin

At the moment I don't really have a good system in place for tracking guestbook commenters who are unregistered. Leaving your guestbook set to allowing anyone to comment has the unfortunate side effect of allowing anyone to comment. ;) I will need to look into IP banning at some point in the future as the site grows. For now, the option to make the guestbook for registered users only was included for people who want a more "gated community" sort of effect to protect their guestbook.

I would strongly advise that you simply delete rude posts like that instead of responding! There's really no way to "out cool" a troll, any response at all feeds them.

@Tasha - Yup, both those things are currently available. :) Guestbooks can be set to be for use by anyone, registered users only, or your friends only. If you block any site member from contacting you, that also means that they can't comment on any of your characters' guestbooks. You can also delete comments.

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