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Because I am a huge, HUGE fan of classical music I wanted to come with this game that I think a lot of us already do. I'm sure you have something going through your mind when you listen to music, so let me set thy instructions.. The main purpose is to see how others respond to the music you like, or at least what goes through their head when their listening to it.
  • I will be the first to post a song of my liking. I would like to keep all music around classical, but anything similar to it will be fine as well.
  • The person posting after me will either give me a scenario that goes with the song or give a deep description of how you depict the music. With it you also post a song you have in mind for the next person to relate to.

Not much of a hard game unless of course you're not a very deep thinker when it comes to music. Be free to add your characters and such to your scenario's if you wish. Keeping it creative. :D If someone gets Kingdom Hearts, Yoko Shimomura, I will love you forever.

First One!
Starting with a bird, a plane aka Superman.

Headphones recommended.
The scene starts with a blur. Either I or the blur move creating a distinction in what I am seeing. Is it eluvial dust floating in the air?(0:00-0:09)

No, its small bubbles in otherwise undulating water, I am in this water, looking up to the night sky. Floating, I allow myself to rise back to the water's surface. (0:10-0:22)

The water gets shallower and shallower, but looking around I see that it isn't getting smaller - I am getting higher into the air. (0:23-0:27)

The wind lifts me, gently at first but gradually pulls me higher into the air. I am not afraid, I am empowered and strong. (0:28-0:38)

I head for the clouds, as dark as they are I know they can't hurt me. Not anymore. I plunge into their murky mists. (0:39-1:13)

I have traveled farther than I previously thought, I can see that I am catching up with the sun as light peeks through here and there in front and to the sides of me. It's effulgent rays warm my skin that had had been chilled for so long by the dark clouds. (1:14-1:54)

I am fully bathed in the amber light, skimming the once frightening clouds as if they were kind old friends all along. (1:55-2:35)

I stop as something catches my eye, there are others like me. But they are stronger and have been here longer, I want to be like them... But they seem so aloof to me, do I attempt to greet them? End. (2:36-3:00)

Here is my pick.
Not fully classical, kind of a rock edge (or heavy coating) but I like the ambiance and scene that plays out in my head.

What do you see?
(Besides the obvious castle...)

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