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Alright! Let's see what we can come up with! Here's how it works

the aim of the game is to create usernames because why the hell not. We need them for everything and this way, it's fun and easy!
#1. I start with a word and someone else adds another word onto it
#2. A maximum of three words can be added on to create a user name and each person can only use one word, numbers count too
#3. The minimum number of words is 2
#4. Once the username has been created the next person starts from #1

If you have posted already then you must wait for someone else to post before you can repost!

Be as creative and as funny as you want! Happy Username Creating!

I'll start off

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Kim Site Admin

How do you know when a "username" is done? Does the person posting just decide if they think it is done or not after their word?
Ambrosia Topic Starter

I tried to explain that but I was too tired at that point. Okay so, after three people have posted a word each it creates one whole user name. Once it's done you start again, this time you start with a completely new word and 2 other people add to that.

After the second word the third person can choose whether or not they want to add on or start a new one

Person #1 can start with the word Genuine which I already did

Person #2 adds another word onto that like Monk. Together the second person must write it all together as GenuineMonk

Person #3 can chose whether they think it's finished and start with a whole new word, if they chose to do so, they need to say something like "username generated" or whatever, anything that makes it obvious that the name has been created and they're going to start a new one

Person #4 must start a whole new one no matter what XD

little (Im just going off monk now)
Ambrosia Topic Starter

So I'm guessing nobody is going to respond?
Ambrosia Topic Starter

Sorry, okay next one!

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Ambrosia Topic Starter

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