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Ok, so I've been getting back into the inFAMOUS series lately and I got to thinking, since Second Son continues from Good Cole's ending, how would the series continue from Evil Cole's ending? I know that Sucker Punch only continued from the good ending because it was the most popular choice people tended to make, so they must have had an idea of how the series would go if Cole became the Beast... well, this is my idea.

Basically it would take place directly after inFAMOUS 2, contrary to the seven year jump that Second Son did. Cole is going from town to town activating Conduits on his mission to rid the world of the plague. While many Conduits are indebted to Cole for saving their lives, others are bitter that their loved ones had to die in the process, enough so to oppose Cole and his Conduit army.

I need people to play Conduits in the Resistance, and I may consider accepting people who want to play as Conduits in the "Beast's Army", I haven't decided yet, but we'll see. My only real restrictions are:

A. Pick original powers, no powers that are the same as Cole (i.e. Electrokinesis) or other RPers

B. Pick a single, primary ability and build your battle style around that, no having both laser vision and freeze breath.

Respond if you're interested, I'll post the characters and their powers here as they are accepted


Nick Kell (Played by Me): Sound Manipulation

Evan Thompson (Played by Sketch444): Plant Manipulation

Sylvester Fox (Played by DontBeTrippin): Ice Manipulation
Could shapeshifting work?
I don't see why not, just try not to be OP about it, no Lions or Dinosaurs right away.
So which character are you using?
I was prolly gonna use Jaqulynn. If we can have two characters I could also use Freak-Weed, who has plant manipulation/generation(He can grow planet btis out of himself, nto sure if those two would count as separate powers or not though)
Plant manipulation is valid, but you can't have both Plant manipulation and shapeshifting, it's one or the other.
It would be for two separate characters, not the same one.
Hmm, I don't know, I think you should just stick with having only one for now, so which is it?
Uh.... I think I'll go with Freak-Weed. Haven't used him in ages
Alright, Freak-Weed it is, does he have like a "real" name?
He does, but I forget it XD
Think you can check?
Yeah it's not on his profile. Though I don't see why he can't go just by freak-weed
Says Evan Thompson in the description, so that's what I'm going with, remember they lived completely normal lives before the Beast activated them, so they need real names.
Okay, thanks for catching that XD I thought his name started with an E. But yeah I figure he would go by Freak-Weed in the rp.
Alright, if you say so, is he going to be part of the Conduit Resistance or the Beast's Army?
Alrighty then.
Let's try and get at least three more people to join, then we can start.

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