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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Tate (played by ForsakenAngel)

I have finally gotten the time to somewhat finish this character & am in need of some test subjects to try him out on. XD <3

    - Any species is welcome (Male or Female) (Dominate for male please)
    - RP will include adult themes (sexual, language, blood, gore, violence)
    - PM RPs Only
    - Unique Plots

    - Must Be Able To Post A Paragraph/Multi Paragraphs
    - Someone Patient (I have a toddler & newborn so I may not be able to reply daily
    - Must Contribute To Ideas For The RP
    - Must Be 18yrs OOC due to RP Content

Any questions or have an idea for an RP PM me or post. ^_^

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Tate (played by ForsakenAngel)

Still seeking!
Slow day today.
Iguess I could try with Roxxie, though I can't make paragraph posts every single post. Though I'm usually able to make paragraph posts frequently.
Tate (played by ForsakenAngel)

Still seeking a couple more 1x1s..
I really want to rp With you, But i'm not 18 :/
*has waited patiently for today which is her birthday*

*raises hand* I'll RP with you. :)
Tate (played by ForsakenAngel)

lyingsmile15 wrote:
*has waited patiently for today which is her birthday*

*raises hand* I'll RP with you. :)

XD well happy birthday. ^_^

I'd love to to with ya. Shoot me a pm with what character you wanna use and any ideas for a plot if you have any :3
Alright! And thanks.:) I'll pm you in a little bit.
I sent you a pm, as promised. :)

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