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Hry, i was just wondering if there was anyone who wanted to do a romance RP with me?

Rping may help me run away from life :)
What sort of Romance are you seeking like just humans or perhaps a twist of supernatural and what not XD
always twists! i want twists all over the place, A relationship that's going to be broen, made up, broken and made up
*waves hands fratically* oh oh! Pick me!
Sky (played by Sweetyceltic)

id like to RP with you
Nice! got any ideas?
Romance, huh? ;-)
Ed sheeran makes me all lovey dovey, i can't help it :3 Romance i fun ;)
Sky (played by Sweetyceltic)

Well sky is a sweet heart if you can get past her few mental problems.. If you do want to do a RP with her.. maybe you help her out during one of her panic attacks and go from there?
How about me? Still looking for "the one".
I'm glad this got so many responses! it's been a while since I've been on here but, it feel good. Since there's so many o you, can each of you start it off? that's be too much for me to think of XD

i need slowly get back in the saddle ;)
Sky (played by Sweetyceltic)

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