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Hello! :).

I'm Experience, and I'm known as that on Furcadia also. I do like to roleplay, but I'm mostly out of Character. I'm very friendly, and I don't bite :P.

It would be awesome to know a few of you :).
Kim Site Admin

Yay, it's the heroic tester of mystery bugs! Glad you're joining us on the forums. :)

I saw you pop up in my notifications for uploading art last night and was so glad to see you were still able to get to the edit pages to do that.
Javan Topic Starter

Hehe, well I'm really looking forward to using the site a lot more. I've mentioned it to my Friend who says that once her computer is fixed, she's going to sign up too :).

I love the site so much, I really do. I think it's absolutely amazing, and a wonderful idea for all roleplayers. It saves a lot of time (and Emails) to make a couple of these for characters, rather than make dozens of Webs, Wix, Yola or other pages. The layout is simple, easy to use, and includes everything a roleplayer needs to know.

Thanks again for making RP Repository!
Kim Site Admin

Thank you so much for your kind words! It is very motivating to keep building. :)

And double thanks for recommending the site to your friends!
Javan Topic Starter

You're welcome :P.

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