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The Empire of Vangaz (played anonymously)

What if I told you there was an ongoing world building game that has no GMs, just free form RP? And that the only limitations were your mind and writing ability. It goes so deep that there are Olympic Games and sport competitions where well over thirty nations participate several times a month.

You can join trading guilds, military alliances. There are war RPs with nations on both sides as well as cooperative stories where everyone writes against NPC nations. It's so deep, let me find an example that I enjoy... I created a second nation account to make a setting for a nation that was totally up for influence from other writers so their nations could experience true nation building. Well I brought in an Organization called The Order of the Purple Cross and we trained some militiamen, forged a professional police department, and put a black ops hit on a crime syndicate.

It's deep. . I am also advertising this site there and I think it would be really cool to have characters from those nations interact on this site. The character design system is permanent here, while there most new RPs would need a new character application, just since new nations take part in every RP.

It's worth checking out. If you decide to join PM me and I'll show you the little nuances that will turn your nation from paragraphs into a breathing nation. You can even google search Vangaziland and information will come up as if it were real.. Some nations even have wikis!

Treat yourself to this immersive RP experience, like now.. Let's build an alliance!

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