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A wild Trinfan appears!
_Run Away

Why, yes- I am a dork. ^^

I also haven't played those games in about six or seven years, so I probably messed that up. Oh, well.

Okay, so basically, I'm Trinfan. Call me Trin for short. Or Blane. I also answer to Master and Oh, Great Sexy One. But Trin is fine, too. I'm a bit random and more a lurker than a poster, and I plan to make use of this place to expand on some of my favorite characters and maybe find some new roleplaying partners and/or chatbuddies. My AIM contacts list looks sad and lonely. >.>

I also suck at intros, so sorry! ^^;

Yeah, I'm done. x.x

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Kim Site Admin

Oh great sexy one, what kinds of RP partners are you most interested in finding?
trinfan Topic Starter

I mostly roleplay darker themes, and I like my partners to be mature and as close to my level of evil as possible. I'm an amateur psychology enthusiast, and I like seeing what trauma does to various character types, so from the point of view of my characters, I'm evil incarnate. ^^;

I mostly roleplay over AIM, since forums and e-mails tend to lose my interest fairly quickly, what with it taking months to finish a scene, and typing up a good post in Windows Live gets frustrating with the character limit.

But mostly I'm here to steal your character template. ^^
...evil characters, eh?
trinfan Topic Starter

Yup, got plenty of those. I like to have a wide range of characters to draw on so I can play in any setting and plotline, though some of them aren't very well developed. I have a few hundred characters that have the basic age-species-appearance-name-one-paragraph-personality info and nothing more. orz
Send me your AIM, and we'll see who can be the most...EVIL. MWAHAHAHA.
trinfan Topic Starter

Sent. ^^
Kim Site Admin

Evidence of actual RP partner connections starting to form here! That just made my day.
trinfan Topic Starter

Yay, we made Kim's day! X3

Made my day, too- it's darn near impossible to find good in-depth roleplaying when you're using a messenger. >.<

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