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Sanne Moderator

I applied to have the RPR fanlisting listed at TFLO ( and was approved a month ago. I have now finished it and it's open for business, yay!

What is a fanlisting, you ask? It's exactly what its name tells it to be. Fans of a particular subject can sign up to a public list with their name, email address and country. Emails can be hidden and websites and other info are optional. You can link to the fanlisting you joined to show you're a fan of that subject - just check out my profile!

The listing is ready to take members, so please go ahead and join if you like. ^^
I think I'm going to join!
Kim Site Admin

This. is. awesome.
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

Kim wrote:
This. is. awesome.

You. should. sign. up.

I hope you like the layout I made too! I wanted to stick with the parchment theme you had going on with RPR. :3
Kim Site Admin

I. so. am.

I do! It looks great. :D
Sanne Topic Starter Moderator

Hehe, yaaay! :3

I ALSO hope that you like the twitter widget I threw in there. I thought it was a nice addition. :3

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