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Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

As Araelios trekked through the mud, his mind wandered to his old country. Ithos had been split into many different warring states and violence had ravaged the land. He shivered as he remembered the look of hopelessness on his best friend, Ariek's, face as Ariek was lying on his death bed. It was then that Araelios couldn't take it anymore; he had just gotten up and ran, bow slung over his shoulder and tears and rain mixing as the both streamed down his face. Then he saw the tavern. Thank goodness that this is here, I would have died out here, he thought. As he entered the tavern, he was overwhelmed by the memories of hanging out at the one that used to be in Ithos. He sunk into a chair and ordered a whiskey. As he started to drink, the door blasted open with so much force some of the chairs and tables scooted forward. There was a dark shape against the door with, could it be? Long ears.
Siltrake frowned as the rain began poring down, he normally wore a happy expression on his face. This time however he was about nearly soaked to the bone, he said and the shapeshifter shifted to create himself a pair of wings to cover his head. Siltrake wore a pair of grey short and his legs were covered in white bandages. He had medium length red hair at the moment that was wet with rain. On his torso he wore an elbow length black shirt, his forearms covered in metal plates that protected his arms. AT his waist were two curved blades, he wore calf lenght lightweight boots. His blue eyes immediatly focused on a tavern. THe enthusiatic creature smiled happily and walked into the tavern returning his wings to his body as he opened the door. The moment he entered no matter how dark the place was his personality could brighten up a death row inmates day. He walked with a pep in his step as he walked up to the counter and gave a warm smile to the bartender and almost charming smile."WEll hello there Mr. bartender, do you serve meals here? If so I would like to have a bread roll, but if you don't have that then some soup will work. And if you dont have that then some fruit will work." HE said with a smile and then the bartender stopped dead in his tracks and couldn't help but stare at the red head, the man then went to the back so surprised by his cheery attitude. Siltrake sighed and looked over to the crowd, they all seemed dreary,"Perhaps it is the weather well no use in making them feel glum."he thought to himself and grabbed his blade and then hopped up on the bar stool making it stand on only two legs , his feet were gently postioned as he juggled his daggers and balanced the blade on his nose."Come now, just because of this weather every one doesn't have to look so glum cheer up." He said trying to make the group a little happier.
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

Araelios realized the figure had short ears and his heart fell. He stared at the new Thing that was currently tilting back on his chair. He was making some comment about how depressed everyone looked. Araelios approached him cautiously, one hand on a curved dagger strapped to his thigh. "don't you know anything?" he asked the strange man, "we are in the middle of a war." Araelios scowled and wondered how someone could be that ignorant and remembered that at one point, not long ago, he was as ignorant as this strange creature.
Siltrake jumped off the chair and then landed cleanly on the floor. He s iled and blinked with his blue eyes at the other fellow with a blade strapped to his thigh."Well Even if we are in the middle of war, yes it is a sad thing, but going around with faces like this will make it worse." He said to the person motioning with his face as he frowned. He cheared back up again and smiled He laughed and looked at the long eared fellow."My it seems you have travleed a long way, I dont see many people that are elves." He said with a smile. He didn't care whether the entire world was at war, he was a clown as well as an acrobatic thief and trouble maker when he wanted to be. But most of the times he loved to act as crazy as he normally did to get smilling faces.
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

Araelios just blinked and kept scowling. Finally he spoke, “The war brought many of us a long way and we are all weary. Why is one as strange as you here. One does not see many creatures such as you in their lives. What are you exactly?” He thought to himself a moment and added, “I was blessed with an ear for lies. If you lie, I will slit your throat.”
Siltrake laughed and then looked at the elf with a smile and then took his daggers and swirled it with his hand and struck a pose."well I am a shapeshifter and I got cuaght in the rain, as well Im a traveling work man, i got to were there is work or fun. I try and make people have smiles." He said with a smile and to prove he was a shapeshifter he struck and elegant pose and made himself have feathers. His blue eyes and red hair were also a key feature to signify that he was indeed a different creature.
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

Araelios was mildly interested by this shifter. When he was young he was taught never to accept anything from them, as they were devil spawns, but this man seemed the farthest you could get from a devil. And because of this araelios decided to trust him. He stuck his hand out, "I'm Araelios of Ithos, and you?"
Siltrake retracted the feathers and took Araelios hand and shook it."I am Siltrake Sunrae, of now were in particular." he said with a smile and then couldn't help but frin harder. He never met and elf before and heard stories they were highly mysterious and they sometimes speak in riddles. He looked at the elf and could immediatly tell this man was full of riddles though he seemed to not speak in such a manner. Siltrake's blue eyes focused on the elf curious of his nature.
Myna (played by PenGryphon2007)

A young, timid elf peered through the leaves of the tree branch she was perched in. Internally she cursed the rain as it made her grip dubious at best and treacherous at worst. But there, just a few hundred feet away, was a tavern--a place of shelter if she wished it.

She glanced behind her and shivered. The Hunters were still out there somewhere, waiting to kill her. With a sigh she dropped from the tree, feeling her link with it sever like pulling a leaf from a twig. It wasn't painful, but she disliked the feeling.

Drawing her cloak more firmly around her, along with the hood over her pointed ears, she entered the tavern. Her eyes immediately searched for any indication of Hunters before she relaxed. She was safe for the minute. She approached the bartender and sat gingerly at the far end of the bar--near the door.

"Pardon me, I'll take whatever you have that's drink."
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

Araelios spun around and saw the elf that had just entered the tavern and was surprised to see one of his own kind after the war. He approache her slowly, aware that people were watching. He ten spoke in his old language as he asked her if she was, too, escaping from the war. "my family," he said, "was killed off in the war. What about yours?"
Siltrake frowned seeing that his new aquaintance was seeing another elf and completely bolt off."well as long as he is happy" He smiled and looked at the others that were sad from the war and rain."might as well provide some distraction, after all if its a war between elves and others might as well provide a distraction. "come now, come now and watch the amazing Swift dazzle you" He said as he grabbed a bar stool and began balancing on it again, he twirled the bar stool and then clapped his hands making music. He grinned and then pulled his hat made of bandages off and swished his hair creating long bunny ears."my my my, it seems as if a took a wrong turn, all these peopel here look half starved." He said beging his comedic routine to provide distraction.
Myna (played by PenGryphon2007)

Myna stopped short in surprise, fear flickering briefly across her face as the other elf hailed her. The fear ebbed when she realized he did not hail her to attack her.

"I-I don't know. I think my family is okay." She spoke stumblingly, haltingly in her own language--for she had not used it in a few years. The flatness of her voice was obvious as she said: "I have not seen them for some time. I'm sorry to hear of yours."

The commotion in the tavern grabbed her attention some, and she watched the odd person perform. She nodded in the performer's direction. "Do you know him?"
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

"No, I don't know the freak. What's his business here anyway? And how can you not know about the war? It is the biggest conflict in a century, the last time was the war against the humans. The war has ravaged our lands and pitted brother against brother. Where have you been for the last five years?" Araelios stopped to catch his breath and continued, "Where we're you when the warlord Seneca challenged the government? Where?"
Myna (played by PenGryphon2007)

Myna shrank away from him, taking a step back. Her hands itched, but this was not the place for daggers. And besides that, he was bigger and stronger than she was. If it came down to it, she thought she might be faster.

"I-I've been on the run," she replied defensively, her eyes glittering and she switched to the common tongue which was easier for her to converse in. "I haven't heard of a war because I haven't lingered anywhere long enough to be involved with it." Though that would explain why the Hunters haven't been after her recently. She eyed his weapons with some distrust. "Are you a soldier then?"
Araelios Faeolin (played by Electr)

"I was a spellcaster if the highest honor, but was stripped of my powers by a rival Mage." Araelios said,getting defensive, "why? And What clan are, sorry were, you from?"
Myna (played by PenGryphon2007)

Myna stared at the elf before her. A spellcaster stripped of his powers? What had he done to deserve that? And who was his rival?

"It's none of your business what clan I'm from," she retorted. "It doesn't matter anyway. I can't go back."

She saw the mug that the bartender had set aside for her, though it was lukewarm at best. She grabbed it and sipped it gingerly, tasting tea. Warily and looking slightly hunted, she asked, "Is your rival still after you?"
Siltrake listened intently to the elves conversation cathing them use their own language, he frowned and sighed."using your elevn language will get you killed if gthere is a war between elves and humans."he thought to himself as she continued to perform. At least for the time being he was distracting the crowd from the two. He smiled to himself sure that the two elves thought he was merly being a fool, however he purpose aim was to distract the ever growing crowd."now let me amaze you my dear travelers." He said with a smile and jumped up and completly eveloped himself in feathers in wings in a sumersault, he flaied out and opened wings. "now my firends that is the end of the show for tongiht, i am Swift the acrobatic well as free lance worker." he said muttering the last part to himself. He walked back to Araelios and then smiled and patted him on the back."well you guys are going to be a walked magnet to being hunted if you constantly speake your language. and im willing to protect you both, after all i have no were to be, out of work and im looked on as a freak." he said with an unusually cheery smile.

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