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Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka hid in the shadows,her black cloak keeping her hidden.She watched as a few men in armor walk the opposite direction she was heading.Without making a sound,she walked onto the sidewalk,the moonlight making her eyes glow green.Strapped to her back were four sheaths holding different swords and a belt around her waist contain throwing knives and other small weapons.Senka glanced around and made sure no one was watching her before she ran silently toward a building and hid in an alley to make sure no one was following her.She waited there as the person she was supposed to kill came out of the building.She silently grabbed a dagger from her belt and walked up behind the man when he stopped to check something.When she was right behind the man,she took the dagger and sliced the man's throat,killing him in a quick and quiet manner.Senka bent her head and closed her eyes as if she were praying for the man she had just killed.
Tannis (played by Miss)

Sweet Tannis happened to be idly observing the moonlit sky, swinging her legs with as little effort as possible. Swing too hard, and she was likely to fall off and land on the man that was walking towards her. That was until a muffled sound drew the attention of Tannis's sight seeing eyes. Just below her limp and rather bore tail, that hung itself over the edge of the building, was a commotion that seemed to spark an interest, and little more, in Tannis. Idly curling her bare toes in the cooler weather, Tannis regarded the act of violence with little more than a tilt and a sway of her head and fiery locks of hair. "That was not very nice." It was a mild observational tone that Tannis spoke in, but she did not seem to be displeased, nor thrilled in the least by the man's demise.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka looked up to see someone who had apparently observed the assassination."This man deserved to be killed.He commited the sin of killing an innocent child."Senka's eyes reflected the moonlight,turning them into a bright green.
Tannis (played by Miss)

Tannis raised a delicate finger to tap at the side of her mouth in thought. "He did?" What did that sound like...Ah! A lot of work. Hunting the guilty was a never ending chore, for who was guilty and who was not was doused in opinion and lit on fire by violence. Far too much work~ Moving her hands to drum fingers along her cheek bones, sweet Tannis leaned foreword, "A sin..." Tannis spoke as if tasting the word in her mouth, but her shoulders lifted upwards and settled themselves again. "I hope he was not a powerful man. That would be bothersome~"
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka placed the knife she had killed the man with in the weapon belt that was strapped across her waist."I don't care if he was.He's dead and that's all I care about."Senka pulled the hood of her black cloak to make sure it covered her face.
Tannis (played by Miss)

The white speckled ears of Tannis flick upwards. A single minded striving point? Praying? Sin? It all made sense now. It was time to go to work~

Tannis smiled softly, "I hope you find me again. Be careful dear~" The right hand of Tannis came up to wave farewell. But for now, sweet Tannis let her hazel eyes drift towards the streets. They were mostly empty and the lights that were being carried were stationary.

After a few more minutes, Tannis dropped from her perch and landed with a heavy thump upon the ground. Graceful and yet powerful legs swayed to an unknown breeze, towards the body of the newly deceased man.

It was her turn to pray~
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka started to walk away until she noticed that her snake armband was missing."Attor,your getting on my nerves."Senka heard a hiss and saw the pure black snake slithering toward her at full speed.Senka knelt down as the snake came to a stop in front of her.The snake hissed something to Senka,making her eyes get wide.Senka looked the direction the snake had came and closed her eyes to focus on her hearing.Very faintly,she heard footsteps running toward them.She held out her right arm.The black snake's scales turned gold as he slithered up Senka's arm and transformed into a golden snake armband with ruby eyes.She tensed as she stood up,looking the direction she heard the footsteps.
Tannis (played by Miss)

Tannis was in no hurry. There was no rush, no anticipated and anxious hiding from whatever her hearing was picking up. The speckled ears rotated this way and that, but Tannis stopped and knelt besides the man that had been killed. He was an unfortunate one, but dear Tannis knew what could potentially happen. She could be caught, killed for something that she only witnessed. But thinking about it was far too much work and illogical~

With a curious glance, dear Tannis would observe something moving towards the assassin. What was even more odd is the transformation of snake to bracelet. It was a very interesting trick~

Looking back to the man and hearing the footsteps come closer, Tannis's body slowly shifted in shape and texture. No longer did she have the long locks of red, but a short and blackened hair style of the man that was dead. Her cheeks became less full, her chest vanished, and her cat like features became unnoticeable.

Just as dear Tannis became the dead man, the dead man became an altered version of himself. The only difference was the slight weight gain and the enlarged nose of the corpse. Other than those easily overlooked features, they could have been twins~
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka noticed that the other being had transformed into the man she had just killed."What are you doing?"Senka asked quietly.She felt the snake armband squeeze her arm,warning her that the guards were coming nearer.
Kira Silvers (played by jyoshi)

Kira watched the two silently, her sharp claw-like nails extended. "An assassin..." She remained silent.

(mind if i join?)
Tannis (played by Miss)

{I do not~}

Tannis, the man, looked at the assassin. No, she was not an assassin, but a dark clothing wearing bystander now. The man's lips curl into an almost weary grin, "Whatever the winds call me to do." The man's voice was much deeper than her's and had a bit of an edge to it. It lacked the feminine charm that basked itself in Tannis's flirting words. The man that was Tannis knelt down and placed his hand upon the dead man's chest.

One last look was given to the girl, "I hope we can meet again sometime. But, you better run." Turning his grizzly face to the direction of the guards, he calls out, "Guards! Guards! Murder! Murrder!"
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

(Neither do I.)
Senka backed away from the being who had changed form.She looked over to see the guards coming at her with their swords drawn.Not wanting to hurt any of them,Senka ran the opposite direction and disappeared into the shadows.She kept running in the shadows until she stopped near the entrance of the town to catch her breath.
Tannis (played by Miss)

The man watched the guards run past him and felt a small twinge of confusion, mixed with a sprinkling of glee~ That must be these guards' purpose, to chase shadows until they became tired~ They must be young and hot-blooded to attack a figure not exactly involved with the situation~ Unless all assassins dress the same. There belies the rub!

Not a single one had actually stopped and questioned the man, so he was free to do as he pleased. Which could be anything...but for now, the man ran a hand through his short hair and looked to the direction that was being traveled before his death. That was the direction in which to start, so the man walked down the assassin free street.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka stood in the shadows as the men passed her.When they were out of earshot,she walked from the shadows into the middle of the street and looked both directions to see if someone was coming.
Tannis (played by Miss)

The man shoved his hands into his pockets and walked down the darkened street. Tannis would hardly see the assassin again, unless she somehow looped past the guards and found the same road again. But why she would do something as silly as that, is beyond reason.

Which is just what Tannis likes~

If there was not anymore trouble, the man that was Tannis would continue until he came upon the bridge that separated the residential half of the city from the commerce half.

With a few brief moments spent to think, the man gazed at the flowing water underneath the short bridge. It is best to appear as casual as possible~
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka winced as the scar on her left shoulder began to throb.She had to get out of open space for if her scar hurt,something bad is about to happen.Senka ran over to one of the fire escapes and began to climb it.When she finally made it to the top,she stopped to catch her breathe.
Tannis (played by Miss)

The man would be glad that he did not have any magical warnings of danger~ For danger can be found anywhere and all that running would be tiresome~

The man folded his arms along the bridges side and gaze at the water. A cart rolled by, the steady thuh-thunk of wheel on wood reminding the man that he needed to do...nothing~

A grizzled smile spreads on the man's lips as he looks to the residential area. Time to find where the man lived. The plan? There are no plans, only ideas~

Pushing himself off of the bridge's railing, the man staggered foreword, in search of his house.
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka straightened up and looked around.She would have to jump across the tops of buildings just to get somewhere.Good thing she liked to jump from high places.She noticed the men that were chasing her before were standing in the middle of the street,looking for Senka probably.She smirked and went on her way,jumping across the rooftops with no sound.
Tannis (played by Miss)

The man staggered through the streets, in search of somebody up at this late hour. The man that is Tannis stumbled through a whole district, passing houses, ponds, statues, guards...


One of the guards had noticed the man's poor balance and loose footing. In doing so, he turned about to question the man, whose eyes were slightly glazed over and a bit lopsided, but it was hard to tell in the dark.

The man smirks to himself and nearly collapses onto the ground, the guard having bent down to hold Tannis up by the armpits. "Haf you seen my housh?"

The guard looked at the man's face and lifted an eyebrow, "Mr. Sayomi?"

Tannis nodded and the guard continued. "I will assist you to your house, sir."
Senka (played by ChaosTheMew)

Senka stopped when she reached the bridge.She saw two women arguing.Senka sat down so they wouldn't see her and watched them to make sure neither of them would kill each other.

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