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Vector Rhodes (played by JaceStryker)

the story all starts in the year 3386, Earth and the Galactic Federation of Coordinated Civilizations has fallen to a plague known as the Bloodtox, all that is left of life in the backwater galaxy of the Milky Way is the great satellite known as Settlement, it held the last 100,000 humans, the last race surviving the massive pandemic that had a kill percentage of 99.998% of infected. the rest became the Shai-ren, clawed, slow-walking beasts with tentacles in mass covering their skin. they killed the rest, and could only be killed by fire consuming their entire body, which also does considerable collateral damage. as the virus continued to evolve, the Shai-ren evolved with it, many monstrous forms came, all with their own abilities, strengths, and forms, but their weaknesses changed as well with the evolutions.

the Settlement created a being. the technology to change the laws of physics, they put everything they had into this one machine, the guardian, nicknamed Vector, he took on the name Rhodes, of the head of development. he also gained sentience, and they lost all control of him. he was his own being, master of all technology, it obeyed him above all else, and he created Nanites, self-replicating amorphous microscopic robots that served him and only him, doing whatever he chose. he implanted one quadrillion into his body, and he fused with them so perfectly, that he could than use their amorphous properties to change his form, and even use them as bullets firing from his skin, which was made from a star-metal quicksilver, but he used the Nanites to make himself look human, choosing electric blue eyes and hair, an a pale skin tone.

Vector was the perfect weapon, and quickly slain most of the infected, but the virus was still present. when Vector changed his prime directive, changed the laws governing his sentience he began killing the humans who created him, though never would he harm Dr. Jameson RHodes, whom he called Father. he took control of the entire settlement all at once, with the uncountable masses of nanites spread throughout the station, it was an instant and bloodless coup, he completely restructured life, the Humans were now nothing more than prisoners, with the logic that if they were kept in their sterile quarters, they would never be infected. they were released in groups of 1000 to eat, and tend to the food, and observed at all times for any sign of dissent. every day that passed, more of the nanites found their way into every human, keeping track of everything going on at all times.

Rhodes was given all rights and freedoms, Vector allowed him to do as he pleased, and occasionally would take requests from him, but never orders. and Rhodes tended to stay to the laboratories or the gardens, knowing not to do anything to provoke Vector,lest he imprison him like the others.

Every passing day, Vector reduced the rations that the prisoners were allowed, to the point that many were insufficiently fed, and they grew tired and weak from the lack of exercise, just like he wanted. Vector realized that the Virus was the next stage in evolution, and the true monsters, the true disease... was humankind

The Extinction had begun";
A young man in his mid-twenties, with dulling brown hair and not-quite-so-dark brown eyes, stared down at the meager plateful of food before him. It was less than last week's, and that was saying something. He stabbed a fork into the nearest vegetable and stared at it. Was it a cauliflower? What was a cauliflower anyway?

His clothes hung loosely on him, indicating he'd lost some weight, but he managed to maintain his muscle for the most part. Still, he was slowly starving to death at this rate; he knew it as well as he knew the ever growing hunger gnawing at his stomach.

Anger overcame his hunger then, and in three bites he cleaned his plate. If only that were edible too, he thought wistfully, before disposing of his items. He checked his surroundings briefly, before heading to the gardens. If he was lucky, he might be able to sneak some extra food from there and create a small stockpile for himself and some of the others. If not--well, he was going to die one way or another--and he'd prefer a quick death to the slow one of starvation.
Vector Rhodes (played by JaceStryker) Topic Starter

Jameson Rhodes saw the man enter the gardens, and with a worried, hopeless look, he threw the man a pack he had filled with vegetables and fruits, which he was planning to secretly spread between the inmates... "hurry, go feed yourself and anyone else you can sneak this to, before catches you..."

Vector was off in his private sector, gathering information, as such, his transmissions outward were blocked for now, so he could not see them. he was nearly done with his monthly gathering session... the Virus had spread once again to .1% of the ship, and approximately 100 inmates were infected, with varying evolutions of the infection...

Jameson left the Gardens hurryingly, returning to his quarters, and playing chess against the computer half-heartedly like he had been before Vector left
Cody snatched the bag out of the air and ducked his head in acknowledgment to the man's bravery. He had turned to sprint out of the garden before realizing that might draw more attention to himself.

He bent and carefully stuffed his leather jacket into the top layer of the food--if anyone looked, he'd try to pass it off as a duffel bag filled with clothes.

Under his breath, hoping the words carried, he said: "I owe you one, man."

He slung the pack over his shoulder and then ambled out of the garden. The length of his duration: less than five minutes. Hopefully no one would notice his absence for that long as he returned to the rest of his group and made his way back to his room. Only in privacy could he check what had been taken--and then he could divide it up amongst the others.
Vector Rhodes (played by JaceStryker) Topic Starter

Vector had finished his information gathering, and began his rounds, feeding them double rations now to increase the strength, for when they all eventually became his infected army... Jameson would be the Last Human, a specimen to be made immortal and studied...

he walked, sliding food through each door, planning, calculatimg... it was his time
Cody stopped himself just in time to keep from uttering an impressed whistle at the pack's gathering. It would make up for the lost rations among five or six people. The tricky part would be distributing the food without catching others attentions.

He quickly parceled out the amounts, knowing that the few children who remained alive would need it the most. He could go without for a little while longer.

He stepped out of his room, cell, abode, whatever, and headed for the room several spaces down where he knew a few young ones were starving. He knocked gently and hummed a soft tune to himself. The door unlocked briefly and in the blink of an eye, Cody had tossed the packet into their room.

"Just wanted to see how you're doing..." he said casually, though the words nearly stuck in his throat. There, in the room, was a young girl wrapped up tight in some blankets, but he could hear that ransacking cough, and saw the marks on her face when she looked over at him.

Fear thrilled down his spine and he backpedaled. "I gotta go." He sprinted back to his cell where he didn't breathe until the door shut behind him. "What the heck is going on? I thought they stopped the virus," he said to no one.

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