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So, here's the game!:

You get three adjectives, and then you make a quick mini bio to those three words. The caracter has to embody all three words.

My example was "Annoying, simple and greasy"

I came up with

Adrien knew only three things. Women were awesome. Beer was better. Women like jerks. Having never graduated high school because of his less than stellar wit, Adrien passed the time hanging out in bars, hitting on women. Often times he went home alone because using the same "Did the fall from Heaven hurt" and "I lost my number, can I have yours?" lines were annoying, but once in a while a girl thought he was ironic (which of course, he didn't even know the definition to). There was some charm to him though - his careful New York accent, though it's faker than his ID, since he's really a southern redneck who knows that lies can get you anywhere, for a while.

Your three words are Leggy, orange and hairy
Not many could tolerate being around a tarantula a Great Dane, but Ckickciekcicekcieckcicek, more often called Click when given the chance to be friendly, knew that. Then again, those that most often wanted a giant spider weren't the type that she wanted to be around. Regardless, Click tries to make friends when she can, even at the cost of eating well when attacked for trying to help. Hey, do you know how hard is is to feed an arachnid that size?

Digital, Chocolate, Duchess
The girl sat behind the illuminated screen, her muddy brown hair pulled into a messy ponytail as her fingers clacked across the keyboard in a room kept cooler than normal to protect her precious computers. Eight of them, to be exact, took up the space in the tiny room, leaving room for nothing else but her computer chair, printer, and a mini-fridge kept fully stocked with Hershey bars and Mountain Dew. Known only as 'The Dutchess', this 19-year-old girl was on the verge of becoming the greatest hacker the world had ever seen, armed only with a keyboard, mouse, and the talent she was born with. Finishing off the chocolate bar in her hand, she smiled at the various screens before her as the numbers and letters scrolled across them at her will. Who needed reality when you had this?

Drunk, colorful, loud
TheLily Topic Starter

Drunk, colorful, loud

Lights danced across the floor as Aribelle did. There was something about her that brought the party to life. Her eyelids were painted to look as though they were dipped in a rainbow pool, her lips painted a red with blue-undertone, giving them the look of fresh blood. Her face often sported bruises as she danced across the floor, her steps little more than a drunken stumble, her voice struggling to compete with the music, 'I freakin' love this song! This is my song!' Her voice is raspy from the yelling she does night after night.

Blue, powdery, oily.

Blue, Powdery, Oily

From a puddle sized pool of aquamarine, phosphorescent slime. Within that puddle floated a glittering powder that flowed and ebbed in time with the wind, swirling into those features one might see upon a face, or occasionally upon a vase. From that puddle, It rose, that...Thing. What need have It of a name? It could be what it wanted to be, when it wished to be, how it liked to be. A creature such as It, a formless mass of liquid and dust, colored like a cloudless sky, was the embodiment of what certain close minded people might call freedom.

Lanky, Negative, Superstitious

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