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Mai Schwarze (played by FallenAngel123)

Mai was walking away from Haven and was a mile out of the town. She was beat up pretty badly. Both her arms were burised and her left arm was wrapped in gozes that were already stained with blood. She looked weak but still held her chin up high and proud. She also had burn scars running down the back of her arms. She looked around and didn't think anyone was around to see that she was healing, but only a small bit faster than a human. But what made her stand out is that her right hand was soild metal and worked as well. She was glad to be out of Hevan and safe for now.

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Roosevelt had been cruising around town in his grey-green jeep, scouting out locations and committing them to memory, when he got the call to return back to 'base'

Sighing, he turned around and headed out of town. He hadn't gone very far when he saw someone moving along the side of the road. He slowed down, wondering why they were walking away from the town.

He pulled closer. "Hey, are you lost? The town's that way..." he trailed off though when he saw that she was injured. "What happened? Do you want me to call an ambulance?"
Kira Silvers (played by jyoshi)

Kira looked at the girl and then the boy. "Hm..." She jusmped off the building she rest on her elf sense smelling the fresh blood. "Who did this... tell me- now. Yeah you. I can help you- but first tell me."

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Kira Silvers (played by jyoshi)

(oops dint see the (1x1)
Mai Schwarze (played by FallenAngel123)

(It's alright ^^)

Mai looked at the guy who spoke to her and shook her head. "I'll be alright." Her voice was slightly shaky, but not to badly. She hid her metal hand in her faded jeans pocket. She didn't want to raise questions. She knew that the cuts on her arms were merely nothing to the slash on her stomach big enough to be seen in, but didn't make a blood stain on her clothes.
Roo frowned as he took in her worn and tattered appearance. "I don't mean to be frank, but if you need some place to go, I know a few. They're reputable enough and in well-lit areas. You're sure you don't need a doctor?" Although he couldn't see blood, he could still see that she seemed out of it.

"It's only going to get dark. You want me to drop you off somewhere? I don't care where; I'm not really in a hurry." He should be, but he wasn't anxious to get back.
Mai Schwarze (played by FallenAngel123)

Mai shook her head. "I'll be fine, I don't need a doctor." Just a few days of rest Mai could heal very quickly which showed some since the minor cuts on her arms were almost completely healed. "I think there is a town about a mile from here, so I should be there soon."
"If it's only a mile, I can save you the walk. Besides," he added, "you have no idea what you might encounter in that mile. And driving is far safer than walking. My name's Roosevelt, by the way."
Mai Schwarze (played by FallenAngel123)

Mai though about it and shrugged. "I guess you're right there. I'm Mai." Mai walked to the other side of the jeep and knocked on the passnager side window; not knowing if it was locked or not.

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