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Kuro was crying and laughing for no reason. She looked around the place seeing little reason to anything. She screamed clutching both sides of her head. "God damn it! I'M NOT GOING TO LOSE MYSELF LIKE THIS!" She screamed again as tears ran do her cheeks again. She couldn't find any reason to keep herself from going insane completely, but something kept her telling her not too. Her eyes were moving from focus to out of focus. She fell to her knees, her back leaning forward screaming at the top of her lungs. She was in the middle of the forest, miles away from any town but she still screamed. Then her screams turned into laughter and sobbs.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily flew around the forest and saw this girl. She smiled and flew into the trees. " Easy lunch " she muttered. Her teeth showing as she smiled at the weak girl on the floor laughing
Kuro heard the girl coming and looked to where she was. Her eyes soon came back to focus. She still had tears running down her cheeks. She didn't say anything but a evil smriked appeared on her face.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily smiled and flew in the trees. Light flashing and red eyes everywhere
Kuro looked around her and shook her head. "No. No! I'm not losing my mind! Not yet!" She kept trying to keep her mind thinking rationly but her thoughs kept leaning towards killing as many people as she could find.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily smiled and laughed " Ha! Well see " She picked up her pace making the air get thiner and hard ot breath
Kuro felt the air get thinner and harder to take it in. Again reasoning was starting to mean less to her and she began wanting to grab her dagger and kill the closest person to her. But she just screamed. "No! NO! I AM NOT GOING DOWN THAT PATH!"
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily stopped and looked at the girl. She flew down and pushed the girl down
Kuro looks at the girl that pushed her, only making her stumble. "What the-?" Kuro blinked a few times in confusion. then clutched her head as she started to lose her sanity. "GET AWAY!" Her ordered the girl so that if Kuro lost her sanity that the girl wouldn't be her frist victim.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily flew up into the tree. She waited for the right time. To sink her sharp fangs in the girls soft neck
Kuro soon started to gain what little sanity she had left and stood up right. She started walking away from where she was trying to gain back her thinking. She stumbled some but she still held her head high, like nothing was wrong with her.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily smiled at the girls weakness and her neck. She swopped down and pushed Kuro to the ground. She turned into a tiger and put her claws in the girls arm. She snarled " ha! "
Kuro pushed the tiger and grabbed her dagger. She got to her feet and did a backflip to get some space between the tiger and herself. "What the hell is with you? Leave me be!" She growled at the tiger. Kuro didn't think the girl could be a vampire since Kuro was half human and half animal.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily snarled and looked at her claws. They were drenched in blood. " Why? " She said pushing her to the ground and jumping back
Kuro stood back up and glared at the tiger girl. "Because you don't need to mess with me! I've killed more people than you would believe for my age."
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily licked her claws. The taste of this girls sweet, rich blood made her want more " because i want your blood " She said pushing the girl back to the ground and clawing her badly
Kuro dudged every attack the girl made at her and got out from under her. "I don't think my blood would be very appelaing."
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily turned to her " To me it is as rich as chocolate. You have very good blood for a vampire " Her fangs flashed
Kuro shook her head. "Half human, half animal blood is deilcious to you?" Kuro knew her blood was nothing special just that it made who she was.
Emily (played by wolfkill11)

Emily smiled " Anybody blood is " She said running at her and knocking him down

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