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Caroline (played by wolfkill11)

Caroline cried as she was seperated from her mother. She was yelling but it was nothing. A group of men came and hit her making her faint. She opened her eyes and was in a dark room. " hello? " She said walking around.

A young man with a woman came to her with a outfit in their hands. " Welcome. It is always nice to have such young ladies in are school. " Caroline just glared at her and then sighed. She grabbed the clothes and put them on. They were tight but they would do. She walked to them and they handed her a silver bow with some arrows. She looked at it " What is this? " The woman smiled " Its your bows and arrows for the competion. " Caroline looked at her. She knew how to shot a bow but just not in a competion.

The woman grabbed her hand and led her into a different room. There sat many others with bows but they had different colors. She noticed a blue bow and wanted it. It was her birth stone. The woman just slapped her shoulder and kept walking...

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