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Myna (played by PenGryphon2007)

"Hoy! Don't let her get away! Grab her!" Three sailors moved in to grab the small, female elf who ran for her life.

In hindsight it had been a poor decision to visit the sea. It had been an even poorer decision to stay in port for more than a day. But the smell of the ocean breeze and the cry of gulls had been too interesting and too drawing for Myna to resist. And now she was paying the price.

As an elf, her kind were rarely seen--especially in a port; and as an exiled elf, she was banned from nearly every forest she stepped foot into. And now she knew why elves stayed in the forests. The three sailors ran her down, cornering her against a deadend alley. She had a dagger--but that was all. And they were armed with swords and other strange weapons she hadn't seen before.

They grabbed her and seemed to ignore the flash of her blade or the pain she caused--their excitement was too high. Without much thought, or strength, they pried the dagger from her hand and bound her with rope. "We can get a good price for her at another port," one of them said. "After we put her to work of course."

And then she'd awoken to a strange rocking motion with wooden boards beneath her. She was on a ship, at sea. And were it not for the slight chain around her ankle she might have lost her balance completely when the ship rolled over a large wave. She peered out one of the portholes in the ship to see nothing but water and she panicked. She ran for the door, threw it open, and emerged onto a deck filled with men. And here she stopped.

Shouts and weapons were being produced--but not at her presence. No. It seemed they were preparing to meet another ship in combat.

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