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Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

Nis separated herself from the other, angry they had made her go back in that hole again! Under the ground where surely she would die when it caved in. She groaned loudly as the Mists wrapped around her. She turned back to go through where she had started, but slowly got turned around.

She could hear the scrabbling creatures, the howls of pain. She was certain an undead wolf was stalking her. She could smell the rot, hear the shuffling of its limbs. Walking faster, she broke into a run.

She was surprised to be flung into a grassy clearing. Nothing was left of the Mists and she fell to her knees, touching the ground, "Where the hell am I now?" She spoke in common, her voice accented with and Elven accent and she looked confused, lost and a bit angry.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

In the center of the grassy area was a young woman. She was dressed in gold and yellows, a cloack over ehr shoulders and cloth leggings and a shirt adorn her. Around her neck hung a glitering pendant, with a glowying crystal in the center. her long aqua green hair cascaded down her back, and her eyes looked up. Her skin was a startling blue, almost crystal like. Her features looked elven, but with that skin there was no way. Her ears were long as well.

at first... she didn't appear to notice the half-elf. She only stared up.
Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

Nis felt her nose twitch. She felt uncomfortable, wondering what trick this was. Surely in a place where anything but human was shunned, there wouldn't be a light skinned drow. Was she a drow? No... That wasn't what she was, she had to be something else.

Nis neared, but kept her hand on her staff. Her eyes narrowed and she was at the ready, "You. Where am I?"
Mana (played by Drayle88)

Golden eyes tilted, looking at the half-elf.

"I truely do not no... I was called here..." Turning, the woman took a step forward, then stopped. She showed her hands. "I am not armed, and do not wish to hurt you." She smiled a little, and she had the look that many would die for. She was beautiful...
Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

Nis looked her over, jealousy rushing through her, followed quickly by resentment. She leaned on her staff, reaching up to touch the scars on her face, feeling the sign of how ugly and unwanted she was.

She was not ugly, only thought of herself that way. She had a lean body, well toned. She had elven features mixed with human, with long silver-blonde hair that was braided to cover over her pointed ears.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

The woman blinked, the tilted her head. "I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I am Mana, and could you be so kind as to tell me what..." She was about to say something, then hesitated, looking at the half-elf.

"... What kingdom i am in? I'm afraid I really have no clue of where I am..."
Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

The half-elf frowned and shook her head, "I just stumbled out of the Mists. This doesn't look like the land I'd been in, nor the one I'm from before that." She made a face, her features twisting into an almost snarl. She turned her head, this way and that listening.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

"Before that? Are you a traveller as well?" Mana looked around, the pendant glinting in the low light. "Odd... the Call is no longer sounding..." She gave a slight frown, and even then she looked beautiful.

Around them were low noises. The sound of a bird fluttering form one branch to another. The snap of a twig as a larger creature walked through the trees.

"... behind you, about 30 yards... I sense an undead being..." Mana said, her voice low and not looking towards her.
Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

Nis turned, hunching over as she moved. She was quick, nigh silent and quite terrifying. There was a feral quality to her that quite stunning. She didn't hesitate to raise her staff and stand at the read. She snarled at the being, her eyes narrowed.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

The wolf seemed to know that it had been spotted, and suddenly out of the mist the beast ran, howling and charging for them. It jumped, lunging for Nis...

A bolt of light suddenly zigzagged around the half Elf, lancing the undead creature through the chest. A snarl caught in it's throat, as it was quickly enveloped in light, and disintegrated.

Behind Nis Mana lowered her hand, letting out a small breath. That was holy magic, and done without incantation or medium. Whoever this woman was, she wasn't normal.
Kurai Tsuki (played by KuroSakuranbo14)

A dark purple tiger stood, hidden in the shadows created by the trees of the forest around the grassy clearing. She watched as the undead wolf was killed by a botl of lighting and as everything happened. She kept quiet in fear of what might happen if she was to come out.

Her dark fur made it easier to be and stay hidden as long as she will it. Her senses were stronger in this from, she was just like her other half.
Nis'Tianes (played by TheLily)

Nis jumped back, studying the other woman carefully through narrowed eyes. She fixed her shirt, standing upright. She brushed her hands clean from the dirt and she yawned quietly, "So, we were both summoned here. Why?" She missed her friends terribly... well, if they could be called friends at all.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

"I'm not sure... Wait hold on." The woman closed her eyes, and her skin seemed to glow for a moment. her head tilted, then she looked back to Nis, her skin fading.
"From what I can tell... this place is actually what could be called a crossroads, a connector of places. It's really nowhere at all..." She looked behind her, perhaps teh way she had come.
"I would guess if we... left we would end up someplace else?"
Ray Cozmos (played by CookieLurv)

Dark red fur rippled as he made his way along a limb. He heard voices and needed to find them, maybe they knew how to get out of this place. Already it had tried to kill him once, it was like all the animals had some kind of disease and plants where blood suckers, and that was something Ray didn't want happening to him again.
His golden eyes peered through the leaves and saw two people standing there. There they are... He felt pain in his ankle and flailed trying to get the vine off of him. But throwing himself off balance, he slipped from the branch and landed with a grunt on the ground then he slowly sat up. Rubbing his head Ray groaned and winced. "That will leave a bump." His thick voice muttered out loud.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

(Sorry everyone. I'm out of this)
Kurai Tsuki (played by KuroSakuranbo14)

Kurai as well felt a sharp pain on her foreleg and tried to shake off the plant. When it didn't come off she bit at it only to break it off her. She shifted into her human from a pulled at it over and over again but it only losen. She hadn't noticed that she was stumbling towards the opening for the clearing until she finally pulled off the plant and fell on the grassy ground of the clearing.

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