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The first one is more of a question than a suggestion;

Why does this forum lack forum signatures? I think it would be very useful, as I sometimes get called the wrong pronouns and the wrong name for me. I'd like to have it so someone can see my preferred nickname and pronouns, so they don't have to go through my profile to find out.


Is there a way were we can get saving post drafts? My computer is dumb and sometimes closes a tab when I'm editing something, or the connection goes out when I go to post something, and I lose everything I wrote. I think post drafts would be very useful, especially when you're writing out a introduction for an RP, or writing up a art shop post that requires a lot of thought.
I can't speak for the mod team or Kim as to why we don't have signatures, but policing over 13k signatures probably has something to do with it. At least, that's my educated guess.

Regarding drafts, I'm not sure if that could/would be implemented but I do know that some people type up posts in notepad or their favorite word processor and then copy it over. Maybe try that?
Sanne Moderator

Besides the moderating aspect, signatures also cause a lot of clutter on the boards (adding unnecessary length/download times) etc.

As for saving drafts, I can't remember what Kim has said on it in the past, but I use the Lazarus plugin for Chrome. It saves all my writing in any textbox so if I lose connection or experience a crash, 19/20 times my posts are saved.
Heimdall Moderator

I suggested drafts a while back!
I would love drafts! Sigs too.
Kim Site Admin

I've been resistant to signatures because I have seen them used for evil on many other forums, such as embedding giant images that stretch the page, etc. I have also not particularly wanted to deal with moderating them or the UI complications of whether signatures vary per character or not.

Drafts and revisions is something I plan to look into this year, including for widgets.

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