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Thyrkeon (played by Arcol)

This is a Destiny Roleplay, but other Sci-Fi characters are allowed, as long as the rules of Destiny are followed.

A distress beacon appears on your screen, from the abandoned world of Mercury. You answer the call, (Against your Ghost's advice) turning your ship to the garden world to find the sender of the mysterious call for help. You land near an abandoned facility, only to be met by silence and an eerie bluish glow. You enter the ruins, the beacon leading you further into the bowels of this Golden Age structure. The light-blue liquid shocks whenever it drops on your shoulder, or when you step into the current. You finally arrive at the room with the signal, only to find the possible sender dead, surrounded by metallic corpses. "The Vex!" you shout as you are ambushed by a group of these living machines. Outnumbered, you and your Ghost surrender to the oncoming masses. A Goblin unit, branded with a strange symbol you don't recognize, comes to you and says, "Welcome to the Observatory, Guardian."

For years, Mercury was thought to have been a mostly peaceful place, the gardens of the Golden Age long gone, converted to machines. But beneath the ancient metal, a forgotten Warmind is guarded by an armada of Vex, led by the Vex Lord known as Thyrkeon, the Conscious. Having combined with the old machine, Thyrkeon lies deep beneath the crust of Mercury, gathering knowledge and forces, determining his plan to attack the Sol System when the Guardians least expect it. And you have become his latest experiment of Guardian flesh.

Mountain Crown Productions presents...
In association with Bungie and the creators of Destiny and its sequel...

Below Our Feet; The Experiments of Thyrkeon.

Hey guys, just created a new character and played a little Destiny 2, so I want to try him out. Can you survive the experimentations of the Vex?

Thyrkeon, the Concious
Nal, the Red Demon
Batroks, the Kell-Hunter
And your characters/Guardians!
Also possibly featuring:
Fireteam 13 (Pyre-5, Aaron Eastfort, Vetra Mihosh)
Cretax, the coward

Same rules as my other forums;
-Rated PG-13 or PG, no R or G.
-Play nice
-Destiny characters or futuristic characters accepted
-You don't have to start with my intro; just make your own if you don't want to be one of the captured.
-Takes place three years after the Red War with Ghaul, and five years after the Taken War of Crota and Oryx.
-No OP characters. (Ex. can destroy the entire army with one shot, kills Thyrkeon permanently, etc...)
-Recommended: Fireteam of at least two Guardians. (Made by me or other players.)

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Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

(Bold is Vex or other languages)
The Guardian was brought down into the further chambers of the ruins. "How do these ruins exist," he thought, "if the entire planet is a machine?" "A great question, Guardian," The Goblin replied to his thoughts, "You see, these ruins exist without your reality. It is similar to the Vault of Glass on Venus, able to be manipulated to my desires. Those whom I do not desire to enter cannot find this place, lest I allow it." He led the Guardian, escorted by Vex Goblins, into a rounded room, filled with screens and tools of experimentation. A cell with a single window, a chair, and a brander, sat at the other side. "Take him to the chamber" he said, the Goblins following his words.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

((Hello? Anyone wanna roleplay with me?))
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

((Still nothing yet.))
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

The Titan twisted and pulled at the restraints that held his arms tight. His arms clad in synthoceps armor was scratched and burned with paint peeling at the edges. It was clear that this titan fought with everything he had. Sure enough this was the case, as the titan took probably twenty vex just on his own. Around his knuckles were the scorch marks of both gun fire and his flaming punches. Sure enough a few vex found out the hard way just what a Sun Breaker really could do.

The titans ghost, Blink, which he nicknamed stayed hidden inside his armor desperately trying to send out a signal. “HELLO! HELLO! Crucible, Vanguard, anyone? This is Titan Garis Ordiv, we have answered the distress call from Mercury and are being held captive by Vex.” The little ghost cried out as they were being pulled by goblins toward the chair. The titan still thrashing about in his restraints.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

"It is useless to resist, Guardian," a Goblin unit whirred, "No signal can be reached from this vault, and you are hidden from anything that would interfere in my experiments." He turned to the struggling Vex under his command. "Prepare the brander and find its Ghost. It cannot have gone far from its Guardian." he whirred, the Goblins again trying to control the Titan. "You are strong," he spoke to the Titan in binds, "Good. Perhaps you will last longer than the others. You might even be the experiment I've been searching for. Before we begin, you must be branded, and your Ghost captured, for what good is a dead specimen to my designs of perfection."
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

Such a comment made the titan stop squirming as his fists tightened up. The leather of his gloves stretching taught before he made his move. Throwing his arms up in the air his mechanic voice shouting from inside his helmet, “Blink Run!” The Titans fists came down along the ground with an explosive force sending he and the goblins flying. It had been a solar grenade he detonated at his own feet in order to free himself. His ghost materialized over him now with a shocked and dumbfounded look of concern before high tailing out of the room.

The shackles that had bound the titan were nearly melted off as he stood to his feet slightly dazed. The whole front of his armor was scorched his visor cracked and broken now. Shaking hands reached up to the back of his helmet as he ripped what remained of it off of him. Cold metallic blue eyes surveyed the area, metal jaw ajar as he took a few breaths. The titan was not flesh and blood, but cold and steel His was the face of an Exo. The exo limped over to the sun spot he had created and sat in it. He knew it wouldn’t last but it would be enough for him to reload another solar grenade when the time came.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

"You cannot expect to defeat my forces so easily," the Goblin taunted, "You are strong, but you will fall soon enough." A Minotaur came through the door, flanked by Hobgoblins and Harpies poised to strike. "You are outnumbered, Guardian," the Minotaur spoke, the Goblin now silent, "surrender, and I might consider your release." The Vex waited, patiently awaiting his next move. They had noticed that he was Exo, which would expand their capabilities of study. "Retrieve the Ghost! Don't let it escape!" he shouted to those still in the other chambers.
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

The ghost flew fast darting back and forth from corridor to corridor as they were turned around and forgetting where they came from. This ghost was rather timid and scared now as they found a little crevice to hide in. They worried about Garis and thought the worst of what would be happening to him. Of course the two of them had been through worse, but that wouldn’t stop the little light to still feel afraid of loosing they guardian.

Mean while Garis’ sun spot was dying out once the Minotaur stepped through a vex portal with hobgoblins backing it up. Even with an Exo body Garis felt out of breath. A side effect of once being human before the collapse. The collapse, he still saw the faces of thousands of innocent people before the darkness took him. He shook the memory out of his mind as he took a knee before his Vex challengers. He was unarmed but still striving to flee to escape.To do something to really tick off this Vex captor, but planning wasn’t going to help right now. Now Garis has to survive as much as he could. For god sake he was named Iron Lord by the salad himself.

“Do you know what the Exo were built for? They would be the best soldiers, never wavering, ever steady, and always... always ready for a good fight.” He didn’t have any lips but still gave a great smirk from his cold face plates. Glowing blue eyes looked up to the challenge and Garis pushed all fear to the side. “So come on. Or what are the Vex too scared?” He mocked standing to his feet where the last of the sunspot died out. Arms open for what ever they would throw at him, no time for plans. Just enough to improvise.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

The Minotaur had an amused appearance. "If that is what you desire," he chuckled (strange that a Vex would have a feel of amusement, much less emotions of any kind.), "Fire the stun blaster!" Obeying the Axis Mind, a single Goblin, outfitted with a prototype stun-rifle, marched on the Titan, the Minotaur behind now silent as the Goblin spoke. "The Vex were created to perfect," it said, "to make all as it should be, or eradicate it entirely. Our kind fought many times, Guardian, but today, the true victor shall be decided." With that, he fired the rifle.

The vault was on alert for the missing Ghost. Vex Goblins scattered here and there, Hobgoblins controlling the masses in an attempt to find the machine of Light. Many times did they search past the hiding place, missing its location. The portals were cut off, preventing escape to Mercury. Occasionally, the Vex changed a few things within the area to find the Ghost, though unsuccessful, as it escaped their sight. For that moment, a game of cat and mouse was formed.

(As mentioned, this base is similar to the Vault of Glass in structure and design, allowing Thyrkeon to shape and mold the space and time within.)
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

Garis didn’t waste time to figure out what the stun blaster would do to him as he lept towards the floor to roll. He tried to roll out of the shots path but caught it with his legs. He was shocked and immobilized once more as he slid along his back. Without real muscles he still found it hard to move, cause any sort of stun system would lock them up. But being an Exo the shock affected him differently, instead his neural connections were over whelmed with signals and he froze like a corpse. He struggled to command his body as another Solar grenade rolled out of his hands and down a hole. It cracked and smacked synthetic rock and metal before detonating somewhere unimportant. Garis wanted to let it go and wreak havoc on the Vex but it was not to be and he lay there hoping Blink was having better luck than him.

The little ghost seeing countless vex patrolling and rearranging space gave them more things to worry about. Seeing them portal in and out the ghost got an idea. Quietly they waited for another goblin to portal in and check the room again, but before he goblin would portal to a new part of the fortress the ghost zoomed out of they hiding spot and went along with the goblin to where ever it was headed. Whether it was a good idea or a stupid one was something the little light would have to find out personally.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

"Bind him, and don't let him escape." the Goblin spoke to the others before going silent as the Minotaur lit up again. The Exo's limp body was dragged to a small container that matched his size, bound and chained. "Your metallic skin," a Hobgoblin said, the Minotaur silent again, "will prove useful to the branding process. I may warn you not to attempt escape again, as next time you will not be so fortunate. I have waited decades upon decades for one such as you to take the call, to become my key to the lock that binds the Light from me. Remain still, for you will see that disobedience leads to pain." The machine brought the brander forward, placing the heated metal upon the shoulder of the Guardian through the already damaged armour.
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

Garis often wondered to himself about the intricate designing of the Exo kind. What it must have felt like to go from being a human to a cold soulless machine. Of course he had no memory of the transformation, instead he could only remember the shock he awoke to that early morning of September in the cosmodrome. The face of of a human to the face of one of the machines he designed for war. So naturally he had an understanding of the machines being nearly androids. They could eat, drink, even feel. Though in hindsight maybe they should have left that last part out of the Exo design. He groaned as the brander seared his synthetic shoulder. The pain was unbearable as he grinned his jaw together. He had gotten plasma burns and spectral burns as well from fallen and taken who got the drop on him but this was a different pain all together.
Thyrkeon (played by Arcol) Topic Starter

((Sorry, just waiting for the others to join up.))
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

Ansgar-147 (played by Quads)

There was more than one Exo currently captured by the Vex; and currently he was having a ball of a time. Ansgar-147 was in a similar pickle; being a Bladedancer of some notable skill; he was able to last decently long -- before, of course, he was simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of Vex he faced. His gray-orange garb lightly covering the unique helm he wore; a bulbous mockery of a skull that, from two small issues on either side of the mask -- like ashtrays, periodically caused a gentle hiss of smoke from either side. Sometimes wisps, sometimes clouds -- likely a result of the electricity that the Blade Dancer generated, and his perchance for smoking, caused him to produce such a creation. His macabre dress, and even more dour sense of cynicism prevented him from speaking all that much; as the Exo's ghost, Merge was currently almost as quiet as he was, but that was just her nature. It was hard, sometimes, to tell who was copying who in their odd relationship -- but at this moment, he was being dragged just the same.

While his weapons had been stripped, his knife had not -- hidden expertly away in his shabby dress; it was little more than a piece of metal which was able to be empowered by it's wielder, and when not in-use, very hard to find.. "Hn.." He breathed shallowly, a plume of smoke erupting from either side of his mask as such a thing happened -- a large gash had been amply placed on his dorsal area, and currently it's pain snaked up his spine like an infection; threatening to reach what remained of his brain and explode with the force of a frag grenade.

Not something that would be very pleasant, would it?
Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

When blink jumped through time and space with the Vex it seemed like eternity before returning to the physical world. Time and space seemed like a illusion as the light became one with the Vex hive mind and then with nothing. Information was shared, stollen, spoken, sung, and whispered between the two sentient beings. But then again it all never happened? The ghost shook itself before realizing they were outside the vault chamber. Back where they started the little ghost rushed back to their titan.

Garis was locked up against his binds as he saw a hunter being similarly dragged to the same branding station. Garis spoke not a word as he tested his restraints once more even if he had a solar grenade ready again it wouldn’t do him much good. But baybe the hunter could make some use of it. “Cough cough,” Garis signaled over for the hunter to look. In his hands was a grenade ready to go. With a flick of his wrist Garis tossed the grenade to the ground where it detonated. A wave of fire jetted out towards the hunters captors but stopped about five feet short. It had about six bursts in it though Garis hoped it would be enough.
Ansgar-147 (played by Quads)

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Garis Ordiv (played by ToaNuva)

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