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Ilmarinen Moderator

Hello combatants! Anyone interested in doing some word wars tonight/today? I have a couple hours I'd like to use to catch up on my wordcount. :)

For the uninitiated: NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, wherein you write 50,000 words of one novel in the month of November. Word wars are when people write as many words as they possibly can in 10-20 minutes! It's really fun to do them competitively, to see who can get the most, but they can also be done alone.
Let me know if this is still open; I'll be mindful of it.
Oh Word Wars! I could use a couple of these. An alternative would be to post your time limit, then go back and edit your post to include how many words you wrote. We can compare periodically.

Or if many of us are on at once, we can do it altogether by turning the forum into a chat. :)

I'll do some word wars tomorrow :)
Ilmarinen Topic Starter Moderator

I prefer to do it in real-time when multiple folks are on, using the chat. :) You guys feel free to do it even if I'm not here! Time is usually a really cruel mistress to me.
I'll have Chat open for a bit today. I'll make a separate note when I've closed.
Closing up shop for the evening.

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