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Would this part of the forum be a good place for people to advertise their roleplaying groups, forums, Furcadia dreams and the like? I'm always on the lookout for nice places to RP, so I'd love to see some threads with some advertisement. :D Or perhaps there could be one thread, in which people can leave a link to their respective RP communities, so that the first post can be updated everytime and be turned into a nice overview of all sorts of places to go RP at?
Kim Site Admin

Probably a better place would be in RP discussion. The "community discussion" part of the suggestions forum was supposed to reflect my desire to have a place where the community could debate and help set development priorities, and where I could go when big new features were still in the planning stages to have a conversation with everyone about how to make that feature as useful and relevant to the widest range of our users as possible. Or perhaps just be told it wouldn't be worth it before the time is spent building it. ;)

Perhaps I should change "Suggestions & Community Discussion" to "Suggestions & Development Discussion" or something similar to avoid any confusion?
Pyrroglaux Topic Starter

XD I see you already have, so my reply is too late, but "Yes, that would be a good idea." :D

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