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Allec_Onstone (played by Theyakate)

In this dark Gothic age where unknown creatures like vampires and werewolves feast on the flesh of innocent people in unguarded towns and villages. They often called a night terror or spawn of devil that they can't be killed by normal weapons, except pure silver weaponry wielded by the Hunters of the Night. The Hunters are the one who slay both the vampires and werewolves that brought fear to this monsters.

As ages passed the Hunters of the Night were commonly hired for slaying vampires and werewolves for a living.

(Genre: Action and Romance)
(Please PM me first if you want to join)

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Allec_Onstone (played by Theyakate)

On an old and abandoned town of Withered Oak, Allec was sent on a request to eliminate a group of vampire ghoul lurking in that town. So he got off his horse and carried his tools and weapons then enter to town.
Edin (played anonymously)

(Can I join?)
Allec_Onstone (played by Theyakate)

( For thought nobody cares about this RP. Well why not)
( may i join?)
Ash (played by Tay_Partlo)

((may i join?))
I would like to rp this PM me if it's still open ^-^

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