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Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

A rush of wind, a hissing drone of white noise. This was all the group would have as a warning before they found themselves spirited away to a bizarre void of static and broken mirrors. Before them stood a creature unlike anything seen in Tordithas before. Its body rippled with eyes in an unnerving fashion, seeming to look everywhere at once except for in the visitors’ direction. Once several people were present in this dislocated place beyond time and space, the creature spoke, gesturing to one of the many mirrors which displayed the surface of Tordithias from above.

“The Radiance is the source of sentient life, protecting those with thoughts in their heads from the beasts within the Umbrage. Without it, society would collapse under the relentless assault of the lightblind. But now the Radiance is failing, in a matter of months the lights of this world will go out. One by one the surviving people of Tordithas will be overtaken and their civilizations reduced to ruins just like their ancient predecessors. It would be such a shame to see masses go without much of a fight…”

The creature spread its clawed arms apart. His voice rose in a tone of glee.

“That’s what makes you all so very special. You all now know how screwed this tiny little world is, and you have a chance to be its heroes in its hour of need! And without ME, you’d probably still be running about none the wiser that you’d soon be nothing more scraps of meat and garbage in a dumb beast’s guts. I should know, I’ve been watching this world for a very, very long time. So, I’m going to do you all a favor and point you in the direction of where you’ll need to go find some of that oh-so-shiny Radiance.”

With another dramatic swipe, he bowed to the level of his captive audience.

“You’re very fortunate to be chosen by Eschallus the All Seeing. Feel free to thank me for giving you the news about how to save your own hides. Don't worry, I'll put you back in Tordithas once we're done here. I'm sure you have a lot of questions after all, most people do once they're presented with information they knew nothing about."

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Layne (played by coke_monster)

The mage arrived standing despite having only moments ago been seated with a bowl of stale grain in his abode off Malsca. The wood was still in his grasp along with a hearty spoonful of his dinner still being crunched as he absorbed everything being tossed their way. Somewhere in the middle of Eschallus's run down, he'd let go of the bowl in awe. He hadn't heard it clink to any ground, and Layne found it most interesting to think any sense of grounding in this Other space was truly just being imitated for his benefit. Well, him, and the others he glanced to find alongside him in the nausea-inducing bespeckled black and white void.

At its welcoming of questions, Layne's spoon-hand shot up to the creature of too many eyes, two fingers pointed high while subtely hiding a third and fourth on the other behind his thigh. "How many fingers am I extending?"
Deep under the waters Algae and her people had been gathered to celebrate a successful hunt, but to also talk strategy for the future. The creatures that had previously been held back by their light had only seem to grow stronger and more courageous, their attempts to assault the city more frequent. The Elders spoke of strengthening guard and securing the less skilled in battle deeper in the city- admittedly Algae wasn't the most agreeable to the Elders' plan to fall back and wait idly while the monsters grew. Minding her respect however, she had kept her mouth shut- until the very moment that she was transported out of the situation with a hiss of wind.

To Algae, this oppourtunity could not have been better timed. This many-eyed demon spoke of fight and offered guidance on a quest to save their world! Whether or not he could be trusted could not be determined, but a being as powerful as he must have answers. She waited as he bowed before speaking.

"I would thank the being, Eschallus, was it? Only why have you chosen us, what would you have us do with this Radiance?" The merfolk woman was still suspicious in her gut, and there was a distinct lack of detail to this plan. This could easily be a bit of oil dripped from the tongue of a snake before it bites them all.
Trine (played by Theaaman2)

A test, claimed someone the cat was working with. Nothing to worry about, they assured. If anything were to go wrong - which was unlikely - retrieval would be swift. They knew them well enough to tell that it wasn't a lie, but still - they were wrong. It was never their area of expertise, but something was clearly wrong. They were somewhere entirely different, and a few brief pings revealed nothing. Nothing. That was what worried them, so they did the one sensible thing they could think of.
So they hid, and waited, and cowered for what seemed to be a short while. Then, suddenly, they were somewhere entirely different from that other somewhere-entirely-different. They were listening to the speech of some odd ethereal creature. The 'feline' glanced about, quietly observing the other beings around them. After the speech of sorts, they sit silent, internally battling an urge to find a table of some sort and knock something off of it.
Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

The entity let out a rippling laugh, and held up one hand in response to Layne's question.

"You're extending as many digits as I have on one of my own hands. How thoughtful, but I can do you one better."

With a twirl, a small section of the crackling voidspace tore away from the rest, and out of it dropped Layne's bowl into Eschallus' raised claws. He offered it to the quizzical mage.

"As I said before I've been watching Tordithas for a good while. And this wouldn't be the first time I've sought out people to go collect more Radiance to top the spires." He turned his head towards Algae. "That, my soggy little friend, is all I'd have you do. Go fetch enough to keep you and yours from becoming monster chow. As for why I picked you, well, that's because I was bored. I like to watch how other creatures fight to survive, and decided to mix things up with the retrieval party this time around, including bringing you all a little... pet." He uttered, pointing to Trine.
Lucy blinked away the the spots and dizziness for a few moments before allowing her sense of danger to take over, quickly taking in her surroundings. An odd creature in front, less odd strangers to her side, and it became clear after a moment that she was... somewhere odd. She had only arrived recently on this world, taking up residence in Sylodes after being found by a hunting party out in the wilds. All things considered she had fit right in, helping out on hunts, guarding farms etc etc. Now here she was once again, displaced from her home without a clue as to what she should do next.

That's when the freaky looking piece of contemporary art began its monologue...or was it dialogue? she always got those terms mixed up. It was going on about saving the world from darkness or facing horrible death... she had to admit, watching a boy her height drop a bowl into what seemed to be a bottomless floor had stolen her attention for a few moments. At the mention of questions however she began to mull over what pieces of information had come through.

Allowing the others to go first she decided to just say the first thing to pop into her mind
"So grab radiance, save the world, seems simple enough. Mmm but I gotta ask...Mr. Enchilada, mind if I call you that?" she said whilst making finger guns at him before quickly continuing "If it's such a shame, why not join us. Pretty sure having an all knowing member would make things more...interesting. Or better yet, why not just fix this yourself? I mean... it seems it'd be easy for"
Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

"Enchilada? Hmm... Now there's a dish I haven't sampled in a few centuries... Sure. Why not? I'll humor you with your little nickname." He mused, eyes glazing over for a moment before re-focusing on the surroundings. "As for why I don't just do everything myself, which I assure you I am capable of doing so, the answer is simple."

Eschallus reclined atop one of the many mirrors in his abode before getting to the point.

"I don't feel like it! I have zero stake in this matter outside of entertainment value. I'm not stuck in Tordithas like the rest of you lot, and I don't see how excavating piles of Radiance for the masses does me any good. After all, what could you possibly offer me in exchange for going through the effort of fixing what is really your problem?" He let out a gurgling sigh.
"No, things will proceed as usual unless you can can convince me otherwise. I honestly doubt you could. But... I do like the idea of getting a bit more involved than I usually do, if only for the sake of showing this world who it has to thank for it's survival up to this point. Hmm, that is a fun idea actually, I'm so glad I thought of it!"
Layne (played by coke_monster)

"Wowee..." Layne had accepted the returned grain with a wide smile. It was questionable whether the godlike manipulation of physical laws was what birthed the flabbergasted glee in the mage, or whether it was the simple fact he had his meal again. By how pleasantly satisfied he chewed on a new spoonful, it could honestly be either or.

"So you really are an All-Seer. Neato!" He said, thoroughly convinced after his full proof testing. He turned to the feline construct cowering nearby as he swallowed. "Haaa... Isn't this amazing?" He twirled his spoon amidst grand, equally spiraling gestures as if he was basking in the absurdity of it all with open arms. "This is truly amazing. Not the revelation that my generation has been stuck with the end of the world. Most unfortunate, as that means I haven't as much time as I first thought. But! Not all the gods have died or abandoned us it seems. That's... honestly surprising..." He grew quiet for the shorter side of a second. "All-Seer, honestly, I hadn't any plans besides rounding up as much Radiance as possible for research in my later years. So I'm all on board if you'll be our guide towards such. And If you'd appear before some of the cultists skulking in the recesses, or even the masses or keepers of the Spires themselves, I'm sure they'd love to worship you if that's what you're going for."

He then bowed deeply, spoon clutched tight to his gray tunic. "Or, I could act thou's mouth piece for such if that'd be more entertaining."
Togu (played by Heidi_Pixelthirst)

Togu stood in long silence as he watched and listen to the creature and the others around him. His eyes went from Eschallus to the current burning herb loosely held between his fingers. The static that flushed and once blurred his vision he thought was just an odd side effect. But now that he stood in the middle of this odd space he couldn't help but think he accidentally packed in more than one plant. Perhaps this was some weird hallucination? Etier way he decided to snuff out the burning end of his smoke, making sure it was completely out before placing it into a leather bag that hung over a shoulder.

He folded his arms across his chest his attention was mostly picking out everyone's details. For the most part, it seemed all of them were just as confused as he was. This only meant this wasn't something his own imagination was conjuring up. This being with many eyes was real. But was he really speaking the truth? If he was he was only getting a kick out of watching his 'chosen warriors' literally fight to see who came out on top, them or the lightblind. Leave it to an arrogant 'God' to toy with the mortals of a planet.
Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

"Ahh, someone who finally gets the bigger picture. I know which one of you I'll be using to convince the masses to build me a grand statue when this is all over. How about the rest of you?" Eschallus queried of the more wary looking members of the group, some of which had yet to speak.

"I do realize that the threat of death can be a motivator, but that often leaves a little to be desired in results. I'm sensing a little bit of skepticism, maybe even hostility? How about I sweeten the deal a bit by finding out what it is you all desire and we can work from there. I think that's rather accommodating considering a few of you don't want to do this without me coming along to hold your hand through your journey."

He reached an arm through another tear in the fabric of the static space, fishing around for a moment before retrieving what looked like a leather map and a cloth bag that clinked when handled. "For starters, here is an up-to date atlas of Tordithas' surface, as well as a little bit of Radiance for you to spend on things or spells. Though, I would recommend you keep some on hand in case you have to pass through the Umbrage." With that he opened the bag, tipping out about five day's worth of Radiance, the handfull of stones giving off a comforting glow.
Duran (played by Forta-ver)

To be perfectly straight - Duran was numb with absolute terror. Nearly got taken out by one of those abominations, checking on the boss's stash of Radiance, and now this? Flanked by strangers (some armed?), beholding some giant, different-abomination? It was too much!

Through all of this explanation and conversation (and maybe a little misdirection?) his ability to process was shot. So he had stood - stiff-legged, wide-eyed, and teeth bared - clutching his beloved naginata and trying not to whimper like a dog.

Then he'd finally register sudden movement to his side and, turning to see it better, the cat. Well... looked like a cat. Magic cat, probably. Might as well be, in this place. But not inherently a deal-breaker, considering recent events. So he settled down considerably and busied himself with befriending it investigation.

"H'llo, cat," he murmured, crouching down and holding out a hand for the cat to investigate if it wanted. "What're you doin' here?"

It was nice to have something relatively harmless to focus on. He could continue panicking later. Waaaay later.
For now? Cat. Cat was more important.
Trine (played by Theaaman2)

Trine wasn't a cat. They were a domesticated feline, thank you. They turn their head, observing the new hand to attack- wait, just rub up against. They try to move towards it, a plan to reach up and climb onto it.
This was not a table, they found, but it would work.
Despite the emotionless gaze in their glowing eyes, one could almost swear there was mischief in them.
Togu (played by Heidi_Pixelthirst)

Togu let out a sigh as he finally stepped forward next to the human to look at the stones Eschallus offered. Reaching over he plucked one off the floor, its memorizing glow making the skin of his hand turn different shades of purple. It was nice the being to offer some signs of support. Even if he still was doing it for his own amusement.

"I'll join in on dis quest. And saving my own skin as well as others is plenty of motivation for me." Which was more than the truth.
Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

"Good good, some compliance. That is one thing I like about you smaller sort of folk, your reasoning is so very simple and to the point."

He descended from his broken perch and placed some of the remaining Radiance in everyone's possession, or at the very least made an attempt to drop some into their hands or pockets for the sake of brevity. After which he clapped his hands, and the hissing veil of static around them began to rapidly shrink, mirrors and the odd object melting into it the walls like it was water.

It passed over everyone, and instead of a questionable layer of space, they'd find themselves standing on softly lit grass. The remainder of the veil was reduced to a thin strip no wider than a foot, twisting itself over the allseer's shoulders like a softly buzzing scarf.

"Here we are, back in the land of the light. I'd say this puts us just outside of Vadues' inhabited area. It wouldn't do well for a ragtag group like yourselves to pop into their midst without drawing some unnecessary attention. A little further North is where we're headed, but for now I thought you might like the chance to prepare. After all, once we get where we're going, it wouldn't do well to realize you're missing supplies." He said, his tone dripping with condescension as he gestured to the shapes of Vadues' city limits.
Duran (played by Forta-ver)

The "cat" climbed up, Duran was surprised to find it felt cool to the touch, but that still wasn't a deal-breaker. He pet it, making sure to get its chin and behind its ears...

And when he looked up they were on terra firma again. Dirty, grassy, illuminated terra firma.

"Vadues? Huh. That's... pretty far," he managed, dumb statement not even coming close to what he wanted to say. Sylodes. Sylodes was far from Vadues. Far enough that Duran had never seen the desert, but had heard of the place. Because who hadn't? Prosperous merchants surrounded by nightblind and barrenness who managed to survive on... well, he sees now that it's an oasis. Water meant farming was possible.

Off-topic. Sylodes was so far from Vadues and how in the heck was this eye-guy-thing able to-- Nope. Panic still was a terrible choice. Time to figure out what he had on him, besides weapon and armor.

Oh, wait. That also was dumb. He had nothing and hadn't since this morning... Or however long it had been since he left. He would need a pack to carry things, rope, gear for digging and climbing and-- everything. He'd need everything.

This was going to be a loooong trip.
Layne (played by coke_monster)

Robes fluttered like a dainty dress as the mage twirled in-place. "Far indeed," answered Layne to the statement meant for no one in particular. "I never thought I'd get to see this lovely glow of commerce on the other end of the world. I doubt even my forefathers have journeyed beyond the sea of Ratroju."

At the sign of being let go to carry on with some legwork, Layne recollected his eagerness. "Wait wait wait wait, I have a plethora of questions remaining, All-Seer." The cutlery was stowed in his garb, a scroll clearly self-made by an inept carpenter already produced and flipping open to its extent on the grass. A long feather tipped with black ink worked over the blank parchment, Layne's head frantically bobbing up and down to Eschallus and his writing. "What are your doctrines? How'd the universe begin? Actually, forget that one. Any other pseudo names you adhere by besides Enchiladas? Is there anyway to replenish Radiance or use it more effectively? Do you have any siblings? What is the true pantheon like outside of this doomed respite? What is your taste in sacrifice? I pin you as one with a fine taste in ocular donations."
"Right....your idea" Lucy muttered sarcastically at his altering of the facts. She'd known his type before, granted less chaotic and powerful but just as arrogant and likely power-hungry. The best thing to do would be to keep quiet, or ignore him lest he use her words to fuel his ego. At least...that had been the plan, until one of the others had started to talk about worshipping that odd collection of scrambled colours. Her eyebrows shifted slightly, a sign of her annoyance with the boy, she'd been about to respond to his arse-kissing when Enchi started spewing off about sweetening the deal. She hesitated before deciding to keep quiet once more, for now. She smiled lightly.

After more useless questions and observation Enchi finally decided to bring them to their first stop, Vadues. Lucy hadn never been here before, but from what she'd been told it was hot, but generally welcoming and decently wealthy. She couldn't help but shift from the change in temperatures. She'd always liked the heat but, she'd grown used to the cooler temperatures in Sylodes. She shifted her footing before turning full circle, taking in her surroundings and making sure that the over grown piece of art hadn't placed them in any immediate danger. Satisfying her senses she turned to gaze at the others before deciding to finally speak up.

"We're definitely far from Sylodes, and it's warmer too... so, are we just going to stand around like lost puppies or get a move on...?" her gaze moved towards Enchi causing her to frown. A piece of contemporary art would draw lots of unneeded attention and possibly fear from the locals.
"You're not wearing that to Vadues, are ya Enchi?" she stated neutrally though her face give away her slight smugness.
Rona (played by Heidi_Pixelthirst)

Rona was very quiet between the times of fuzzy chaotic moments, trying to comprehend why there was so much change in her environment. When they finally restored back to familiar surroundings she finally started to look around at the others in her space. Her eyes landing on the large many-eyed being, then to the small elf lady, then on the just as small human. She wrinkled her nose in confusion as she walked over beside the human, looking down at him as he started at ask his many questions. As he rambled she shifted herself to look over him to see what he was writing, smiling at the word sacrifice. Of all the big words he was saying she knew that one...perhaps a bit too well. Letting out a laugh she gave him a playful nudge then pointed to the eye covered creature, feeling like she had put together what was going on, "He need sacrifice to not make everthin go fuzzy again?" She nodded as she turned to look at the rest of the group before pointing the cat-like creature on another man's shoulder, "He like animals?"
Eschallus (played by ReverieCore)

"Why not? If I am to be known and praised for facilitating your survival, I at least want them to get my likeness right!" He sighed wistfully. "But for now I suppose mass-panic wouldn't be very beneficial for productivity. So I'll adopt something a bit more appealing to the masses. Don't worry though, I'll be back to my handsome self once we're out of view of the town once more."

His form began to twist, bubbling outward while his spindly limbs shrunk into his gelatinous epidermis with a sickening crunching sound. It was truly a stomach-turning display as the eldritch being melted into a featureless mannequin of a more humanoid persuasion. Then all at once, the defining traits of a simple garb and a defined visage formed, albeit they looked... wrong. For one, he still had too many eyes, although now it was more-so a collection of irises staring back from four slits. His mouth too, was off. Turning to the party he grinned, if that's what it could be called, more eyes staring back from the row of holes. It was painfully apparent that his facade really was only skin-deep.

"Well, is this passable for you hominids?" He asked, straightening the sleeves of a drab looking GI that he had chosen to dress himself in. "Hmm, actually. Now that I look at you lot, I see we have an 'extra' problem. No, no this won't do." And with hardly a whisper of air, a scrap of space tore away into static, and Togu was no more. The void that had form knitted itself back up as if it had never been. "There, I've done him a kindness and sent him home. I think our other troll will be more than enough. And on that note, no, let's not discuss sacrifices. I assure you I don't need sustenance through slaughter, people and things are only amusing while they're alive after all."

He pulled his scarf up, covering his nose and veiling his mouth and a set of eyes in the process. "If it pleases you, I can disclose some information for further questions on the go. But for now I'll answer your more poignant questions: My other less eloquent pseudonyms are 'Escher' and 'Eyes'. I have four siblings. And most interesting to everyone I'd think, is the fact that the Radiance is a self-renewing resource. Where did you think the light it makes 'goes' once it burns out? You can't Destroy matter or energy after all, it just converts to a different state."
Duran (played by Forta-ver)

At the suggestion of sacrifices, Duran squawked and took a step back. The last thing he wanted was to get picked for something like that, and with his luck he'd be the one they chose. Then a new troll (maybe not new... probably not new...) pointed his way and (thankfully?) volunteered the cat.

Wait, no! That'd be just as awful. Maybe more awful! What did a cat ever do to them?
..... And it really made for a sad little sacrifice if you thought about it. Wouldn't offering a single tiny creature just insult the monster?

Then the red-head (Oh! An elf. How nice.) mentioned Sylodes and Duran did a double-take. Was she from there, too, or had he actually managed to say the place out loud? He'd probably just said it out loud. Yeah. Because if he hadn't, and she'd ever left the safety of the spire's radiance... Well, he'd just have to hope she wasn't the bounty hunting type. Or the radiance-transporting type. Otherwise, things would get awkward, fast.

And to top it all off, now the nether-being was doing shapeshifting. He'd already poofed someone out of existence and now he was trying to pass himself off as sorta-human. Urf. What a day.

At a loss, out tumbled another stupid question: "Why... are you... blue?"

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