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Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)


The year is 5089 human kind has already colonized half of the Milky way and have discovered many alien life forms. Now the area that hasn't been discovered is called the Dark-zone nothing is known about it and not many people who enter the Dark-zone come back.


Your characters can be in a romantic relationship.

You can add any kind of technology, race, planet, etc. and there are no character requirements except you can't be a god and don't be too overpowered.

No godmodding.

And you don't need to ask to join.
Mochi (played by AdoboKitty)

Hello. Would mochi be able to join. Zer race created modern humans through selective genetic breeding. Though ze doesn’t have any knowledge of how to do this since the job ze has is to be a historian
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)

((She's fine :)))
Artemis (played anonymously)

May I join? But I'm nice? I've always been murderous AI.
Ssethalik (played anonymously)

May I join?
Mochi (played by AdoboKitty)

Could you perhaps link us to the actual rp forum for this topic
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)

yeah hold on I'm just getting it ready

Could I join? I would like the link to the roleplay topic as well.
(Sits down in cockpit chair and turns on engine boosters and mother chip board ) “Engaging space flight”

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