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I gladly thank KansasVenomoth for finding this in one of our old chats so I could edit it!!! Sqee!! ^^

So, I'm pretty sure everyone knows one of the main characters of the anime Your Lie in April, Kaori Miyazono. And if you are really into the fandom and seen the ending of the series, you'd know that she unfortunately passed by the last episode. Which had me, and possibly everyone else crying because who wouldn't? Its such a heartfelt anime and in my opinion, the greatest sad anime that's been made. But, have any of you wondered about how she died? Well, this theory is about...

Kaori Miyazono's illness.


It's pretty accurate to say that Kaori had a disorder called Friedreich's Ataxia, which is a rare disease and is deadly to most who have it.

There seems to be a connection between this illness and the unknown reason for Kaori's death. The illness is rarely cured and starts near childhood through the age of 18, worsening over time instead of getting better. It seems to cause tons of problems, such as diabetes, Heart disease, and loss and/or trouble of movement. (Arms, legs, muscles.) The big thing is it also causes nervous system problems.

The symptoms include-

-loss of coordination (ataxia) in the arms and legs.

-fatigue - energy deprivation and muscle loss.

-vision impairment, hearing loss, and slurred speech.

-aggressive scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

-diabetes mellitus (insulin - dependent, in most cases)

- chest pain

-shortness of breath

- lightheadedness

-Passing out/Blacking out; fainting,

-palpitations and/or pooling of blood in the ankles could be symptoms of declining cardiac function.

And many more that possibly are irreverent to the connection. But, most of these are shown one at a time throughout the episodes of YLIA.

Loss of coordination (ataxia) in the arms and legs.
Of course, Kaori went to the hospital after school that one day without telling her friends. When she was alone on the bus, I had assumed she was going home. But a few minutes later, it shows she presses the button to get off at the hospital.

As the episodes went on, there were more and more signs of Kaori losing the ability to move both her arms and legs. For instance, at the hospital, the girl was walking through the halls late at night when nobody was around to tell her to rest, and she fell. Trying to move her legs, she failed and was completely confused as to why they weren't working. She started hitting and punching her legs while crying, saying the Words in the picture above.

"Stand up! You're my legs, aren't you?!"

After that whole incident and her legs were "working again", she shrugged it off and went to school like a piece of cake.


Soon after, she had to go to the hospital again and take physical therapy due to her arms and legs starting to fail her again. It worked some, but not enough. She soon wasn't able to hold many objects without dropping them, having weakened muscles, which is why she couldn't hold her own violin bow. Her muscles were weakened, so that's why she wasn't able to hold herself up, and why her movement was failing, as the disorder's symptoms show.

A few episodes ahead, and she had to be put in a wheelchair from the damage. Seeing the scene with the surgery, it says that it wouldn't really help and all it would do is live a little longer. Which is a bit of a clue it wouldn't really be cured. As said,

Friedreich's Ataxia really has no sort of cure.

Lightheadedness, and fainting/Passing out.

This was a clue that first started way in episode two, when Kousei and Kaori went to the Classical Competition together to preform. After the great performance between the two, especially Kaori, she soon passes out backstage. As well as at her house, while she was looking at her sheet music, she looked at her hand and saw blood, as well as also passing out afterwards, possibly due to blood loss. The disorder says that palpitations and/or pooling of blood in the ankles could be symptoms of declining cardiac function, And also that lightheadedness and passing out is symptoms.

Shortness of breath/ Childhood to now.


Well, the short breath part is slightly shown in one of the episodes. As Kousei was on the rooftop the day of the competition, Kaori raced up the stairs to get up there so she could..

Totally beat him up

Tell him politely to get his little butt off the rooftop and come with her because they're going to be late.

And in the middle of racing up the stairs, she stopped and was out of breath, and had slightly trouble breathing. Being the stubborn one she was, she pushed herself harder and tried to run again, once more shrugging the situation off. Sure, if you're out of energy, you're most likely going to get out of energy fast. But, that's one of the symptoms of Friedreich's Ataxia.

Now, here's the other clue which in my opinion makes a big impact.

Now, Friedreich's Ataxia says that the disorder usually starts from the age 5-18 years old, so about childhood or early adult years.

When Kaori is visited by her friends at the hospital the first time she was there, which was from passing out, she was asked by the doctor if she had passed out like that before in the past. Trying not to make her friends worry, especially Kousei, she said she hadn't. But in that moment, her back was turned to the three as she said so, so it was obvious she was telling a white lie. Afterwards, there was a flashback of her waking up on a hospital bed, saying,

"Oh- I passed out again, didn't I?.."

Which shows that she has passed out before in her past. We've also have been told she had surgery from when she was little due to problems, which could've been connected to her having surgery again in the future. She was about five when she had the surgery, which is on point of the start of the age rank for Friedreich's Ataxia.

Her death.

We (possibly, if you watched it all) know her death. She had the surgery and died during UC, they didn't get to her in time. In my opinion, the Friedreich's Ataxia worsened over the surgery and they weren't able to fix it, so the surgery meant nothing, and she just passed due to it being so bad. But, she's still in our heart's and we know she died happy.


Thank you for listening to my theory and I hope you enjoyed, bye!!~Star.

If you want to research Friedreich's Ataxia as I did, you can go to to research about it yourself and make connections to Kaori's Illness and this one as well! Maybe you'll find some matches I didn't figure out.^^"
Say say, isn't this the exact same disease that Kousei's mother had?
lemondrxpsx Topic Starter

Dangercave wrote:
Say say, isn't this the exact same disease that Kousei's mother had?

Oh my god! I didn't think of that. Yes, I think it was!! That's interesting.
Hehehe. I kinda guessed it due to a similarity in their symptoms

1. She was on a wheelchair, so loss of leg motor systems. Definitely one.

2. Again, I guessed it. Take a look at her skin. It's pale, just like Kaori after her first fainting.

3. She had trouble breathing. She'd been using those watchama'callit to breathe. Everywhere she went (on a wheelchair), she used it, right?

Here's one thing I didn't get: the time. Kaori got it when she's 14, while Kousei's mother got it at around her late adulthood (I assume she's around 35-40 since her skin had wrinkles, thus making her seem old). How is this so?

That's my only question so far.
That's amazing, I think it just adds such a level of realism.

When I watched this show, my roomie called the show "my emotions" because I would cry all the time; "Are you watching your emotions again??"

So much tears. But such a good show. BUT SO MUCH CRYING. I have never cried that much for an anime before. Ever. Not even for Ed...ward...

Well, this is a bittersweet romance story of two musically talented 14 year olds in Japan.

And now, to practice on playing their OSTs for remembrance. All I can only play now is Watashi no Uso =[.
I have never heard of this anime, and then you drop this nuke of feels.
lemondrxpsx Topic Starter

jedipony wrote:
I have never heard of this anime, and then you drop this nuke of feels.


Your Lie In April is amazing, Jedi. You really should watch it.
Don't worry Jedi, I didn't spoil anything major. You'll still have the same feels as we did.
you plagiarized this from a youtube video. in any case, it's not even accurate

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