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Petelia (played by VanHelsing)

The rules are simple, someone posts a character and the next person has to describe them in 3 words or less. Since I'm starting off I suppose I should start with mine.
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)

Shiny Metal Badass
Scarlett Black (played by Emo)

Determined Alien
Eris Kukure (played anonymously)

Regular emo girl
Eileen Oliver (played anonymously)

Zombie, magic, Punisher[Marvel]
Lucienne the Unkilla (played by VanHelsing) Topic Starter

Epilepsy Fireworks
Percy Quinn (played by TopKek23)

Zombie Jokester
Rose Wake (played anonymously)

Scarred alien cyborg
Ember (played by Emo)

best clone ever
Rose Wake (played anonymously)

Ashley wrote:
best clone ever
((ily XD))
Bossy female Firefist.
Irene Suarez (played anonymously)

Angry metallic scratcher
Rosa from Brooklyn
Irene Suarez (played anonymously)

ragemachine wrote:
Rosa from Brooklyn

((Shhh I'm undercover!))
Domonic Balotelli (played anonymously)

No character available.
Pixelated Grant Gustin
Quill (played by Emo)

happy dino kid (not a character)
Illiad (played anonymously)

Roaming Tomboy Orphan
James Kennedy (played by TopKek23)

Scary Darkness Man
Catherine Serena Kent (played by DarkandLight)

Mysterious, kind, bouncy curls

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