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I have a suggestion :D

I think we need a way to sort characters on your profile into categories. It would really help me, and I think a lot of other people would enjoy it too.

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Kim Site Admin

I don't necessarily disagree, especially as we slowly start to gear up for the possibility of raising the character limit to be much higher.

The real question here, that I'd like to hear others weigh in on, is what priority to give this in the development queue?

In my current view of the site and the overarching needs of the userbase as a whole, this rates far under other features like groups/guilds, sorely needed new templates to serve character genres that have yet to be offered anything approaching appropriate styles and shorter, personalized URLs for character sites. And just as a matter of personal preference, I'm most interested in tackling family tree widgets asap, but I'm not sure where others would rate that in relation to other features.
I personally have no direct need for character categories. It would be a neat feature and I would definitely use it if it was there, but I feel right now templates and the group/guild feature are more important. And indeed, the family tree feature is such a big and complicated thing that I think if it's not finished with some priority, it might only get shoved further and further down the priority line.
Cinnyricinclus Topic Starter

I think this would be near the bottom of the list as well. The family tree idea in particular is much more important than this. I just thought it might be helpful.
Yes, I agree with Ethelle, lets start on guilds/groups first and family trees later on because for now we can just type in in the character's Bio.
Kim Site Admin

That's about what I figured. I will add this to the list of wanted features, but keep it low priority for now. Thanks guys.

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