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Hello! I'm a digital artist specialized in characters, though that can range from a simple headshot all the way to a full-blown illustration. I'll mainly use this thread to post the things I make, but I am available for commissions, so do not hesitate to contact me if interested.

Commission info:
-To be updated soon-

All slots full. May open up again later, depending on my schedule by then.
1. Lethe
2. Ingrid Suren
3. August Alexander von Elbert.

I'm cool with both SFW and NSFW


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Shameless bump

do you have any examples of bw digital sketches? i might be interested when i have the money this weekend ; D

Likely something along the lines of this.

EDIT: Dead link, sorry!

On an unrelated note:
Speculation on how one would stop a bomb drone went a little out of hand:

Fun was had by all.
ooOO i love. i'll probably be popping in your inbox soon with a order or two~
Been crazy busy the past few weeks, but did manage to get a little bit of traditional scribbling done:


EDIT: dead links, who dis

A commission I recently finished
Just finished this piece for Nineforalostgod, of her character Venus:


Gotta say it's always fun to draw badass punk ladies
Bit of thumbnailing for a current project.


Currently developing some of these further

EDIT: No idea what used to be here, sorry

EDIT: same here

WIP of a potential new character
Damn, I need to clean this thing up, so many dead links, oops.

Anyway, here's a new piece, for a character I've revived recently, a priest turned warlock, though not quite voluntarily. He's an edgy boi.

Just wanted to say LOVE Your artwork
Lethe (played anonymously)

Holy COW your artwork is gorgeous!! If you're still taking requests, would you perhaps consider Lethe here? :D
If you're still doing the free requests I'd like to offer/request a scene or whatever you'd like to do sassy fangy vampire Princess Ingrid who is secretly a part of the vampire rebellion.

I adore your art style. 😍 like ughh so good!
August Alexander von Elbert (played by RimCaster)

Well if it's still open then I wouldn't mind offering him
Oh my god, your art is so pretty!!

Keep up the good work!
Kuroba Mikazuki (played by KatayokuNoTenshiVII)

I might’ve jumped in a bit too late, but, hey, if you’re still taking requests, would you consider this little Remnant of mine?
hey, if you have open spots, I'm looking for art of mykah(my only character)

I can also trade art with you, as I draw professional landscapes, if you'd be interested.
Rowan (played by Guardian_Girl)

If you're still taking free requests, I would love it if you could draw Rowan here

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