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How's it hanging?
pained noises
Hahaha, yup
With you there
im in college and it is pain
Saaame, in this exact moment, I am re-opening my assignment for the third time on this supposedly day of rest
i'm writing a paper for the third time on the same topic due today
Oh no. What's it about?
my career goals
What, really? I don't understand at all, for what reason?
here's the prompt
This is absolutely mind baffling to me, this would never happen in my education system. It is because you don't choose courses when registrering? It is like an entry thing, before choosing courses? How do you answer the Results thing if you're already in college?
its part of my PER 1 class
apparently its some weird intro to college class that GMC is making me take
And CMG is your college?
GMC not CMG lol
Wait, GMC, sorry, hahaha
yeah im in georgia military college online

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