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I like cake
and pie
I'm mildly... amused? weirded out? Iunno, something, that I can tell that that image of Bender was not created manually.
...more amused now, recognizing that it's a picture of a robot that was traced by an AI.
Lol... did you know Matt Groening created a 'head in a jar' app?
And life in hell
Seems weirder that something like that wouldn't exist.
good morning mr sunfish!
It is weird... well, I'm off here. Have a good evening or whatever time of day it is for you!
it's morning for me
Be seeing you!
See ya's. :)
dark humor meme
good morning/afternoon/night everyone!! it's night for me lol, i'm about to go to bed!
Good morning
I just found this- how do I do anything on this-
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*bounces into the chat*

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