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Sanne Moderator

Although today it's nice and low carb with Greek yogurt and blueberries for me
Definitely! I'll have to look into stuff to add, I have a lot of food money right now thankfully so I can get whatever I want tomorrow ^_^ I need to make breakfast more enjoyable, lol
Sanne Moderator

Yum!! :D
Sanne Moderator

I think Sunday will be carb crime day lolol
Lol, I had one of those yesterday/technically the day before yesterday, but my body was really mad about it XD
Sanne Moderator

What did you have? XD
Oh my god, so much. I don't even remember. I had a bunch of snack meals all day and just ate a ton of snacks we had in the house, lol.
Sanne Moderator

Sounds like a good time ;)
True! I definitely will have an easier time balancing it when I move, though, haha
We put an offer on a house today, no guarantees but we all like it so I hope it can go through, we all want to be out of where we are @_@
Sanne Moderator

I had carb crime day on Wednesday. Almost 500g of carbs, NO REGRETS. And my blood sugar was 97% in range that entire day, I've pretty much won at life at this point.
Sanne Moderator

OMG, fingers crossed for you!!!!
WOOHOO that's awesome, also thank you! Hoping it can happen so we can have our own unit, if we get this house it'll be a basement unit which is very cute
I need to go to bed, it is so late here ToT Goodnight!!
Sanne Moderator

Oh gosh yeah, sleep tight!! :D
Oh wow I had a horrible dream. Time to be awake. oAo
I think I'm going to bite the bullet and pay for a Runescape membership. I haven't had one since I got a month when I was 12...D: So a lot will have changed, lol.
good morning
I feel better after a good night's rest

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