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Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Our story takes us to a place where there are creatures of all shapes and sizes are. Hi, my name's Kai and this is my world. Wolform is made up of six different worlds. There my world "Shadoworld," "Vampire island," "Chaoszone," "Forestwoods," "Battlemaina," and of course, "Earth." Now where I come from, we have wolves here. Each wolf is born with different powers. The powers are "Lightning" "Shadow," "Earth" "Water" "Fire" "Wind" and "Light." Now light power wolves are a biggie here because they can learn all of the different powers. And the ones born of a different power can only learn the power they were born with. My father Thunderbolt is thw king of my world. My uncle, Venarols is a cruel and evil man. He causes chaos wherever he goes. He challenged my father to a war. He has always been jealous of what my father has made out of life. He wants to destroy our entire family! In this great war, he killed my father right in front of my mother. My sister, Luna, was too small to remember. So I am next in line for my father's kingdom. As I travel around, I find people who have been effected by my uncle's destruction. Some even join my team. Some join my uncle's team. Someday I will beat my uncle. There are also a set of rules that I follow called "The Ways of the Code." I also carry a sword with me that was created by the people and by the Angels. This sword is able to cut through anything.

(If interested please let me know! This is my life's work here. Please respect it. 😀)

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Angel (played anonymously)

Seems amazing!
Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Thanks! It started out as a game some friends of mine and I was playing when I was younger. I wanted to make a book about it so this is how it came to life.
Red (played by Orlin03)

im in
Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Okay cool! Let's rp then. I kind of wanted this to be a group rp but we can rp together instead.
Aria (played anonymously)

If it's group, I'd like to join. :)
I'm interested in playing Luna(tho I'd have to change her name to Aria), if she's a bit older now. Don't want to play a three year old. XD
But if that's not possible, I'll play anyone. :)
Red (played by Orlin03)

hmm how do u like to start Kai
Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Yeah I wanted this to be a group rp. Give me some time guys to come up with a start for this okay? I wanna give this a good running start. This story/book is my baby so please be patient with me.
Kai (played anonymously)

I can make a character for this rp if it’s still open and ongoing c:
Kai (played by Wolfzone92)

Yes it definitely is still open!! Glad you guys came in to have a look!
Diren (played by KitchenSink)

Hey! Are the wolves like werewolves(switch from human to wolf) or are they always wolf?

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