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Hello there!

I really like the online game Scarlet Blade. It's full of adventure and fun and defiantly worth playing!

...That's why I created a group RP for it! Since I can't do an open forum on here due to violence, sexuality and language.

It's basically a war between The Free Knights and The Royal Guards.

The Royal Guards protect The "Mother". The Mother created Arkana (which is our characters ;3) after humanity fell. Though, they think that the Arkana are weapons and used to kill. The Free Knights hate The Mother and want to free all Arkana. That's why there's a war!

Each Arkana is in a different class. The classes are, Defender, Punisher, Sentinel, Shadow Walker, Medic and Whipper. All you do is choose which class you'd like to be in and if you are a Free Knight or Royal Guard!
Any questions just ask.
The link to the group is <--- Way more information there. Join if you like!

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