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Hey everyone! I've been hankering some RP! Problem is, I don't know what kind of RP! I'm always in the mood for romance to develop, but I never want it to start out right away. And action is always a good thing. I prefer fantasy (any time period), and you have to give me at least three lines in a post. I don't do mature RP (I use the 'fade to black' method if things get to that point), and I don't do gore. Violence, sure. Gore, no thanks. I can do forum or PM, but it has to be a 1x1, I can't do group RPs right now.
So there are my rules! Please take a look at my characters and see if you spot any you'd want to RP with! :)

(p.s. Sorry this isn't very specific, but I honestly don't know what character I'd like to start an RP with! So I figured I would set down my rules and let the public choose! :) )

I can't offer huge daily posts five times a day, but I would like to play with you again. Give me a bit of a time to think of a character.
Sure! No problem lol, I am often only able to post a couple times a day, so it's fine! :)
I've been itching to use my character Zayne (good zayne) Hes a bit older... 35ish. He could serve as a guide or a guard to one of your characters if you'd like. Let me know if you're interested. Understand that his profile is a bit more... evil than intended. Thats because I use him as a villain but this is my good Zayne with a bad past.
That sounds cool! :) I could maybe use Liana, the one at the bottom of the page. Maybe she's the princess of her tribal area and she has to make a journey, so Zayne is hired to be her guard on the trip?

I've got a bunch of characters I can throw at you.

Mlyonya is a warrior woman that I've never actually used, only had the idea for a while and thought about playing with her.

Coral (at the bottom) - she's a druid shoal halfing with a bison. She's totally peppy and annoying to most people.

Faermur'sinta (middle of the page) - a drow sorceress who is a basically good person and not like most drow. She's always lived topside and she's been blind since just after her birth.

Rux (down at the bottom) - she hops dimensional portals and often ends up in places that she doesn't understand to know how to act in. She's got an inherent ability to learn the first language she hears in a new place, but not the second or third, etc.

Sorry about the mass profile with so little info! I needed to finally start using my adoptables! If you don't like any of them I can think up something else. :D
Cool, she looks good. Zayne could just be passing by and she could see he is a warrior and ask for his services. (All I ask is if we can fit the kingdom Zayne is from into the story, Vavel. Maybe she needs to pass through.) As for right now I'm really slow at posting since its my last 3 weeks of junior year in university, so i'm just throwing out there that I may take forever sometimes.
Reeno: Yeah, that's totally fine! Her passing through that kingdom would work perfectly well. Also, I totally understand with the University thing, I'm pretty much the same though for me it's more around five weeks lol. Would you like PM or forum, and do you want to post first or shall I?

Lily: Coral seems really neat! I feel like she might work well with Fial.
Haha! Pm please and if you'd start, that'd be swell since Zayne will probably be busy looking like a hobo anyways xD
Sure thing! :D

My goodness, Coral would love him! Did you want to start it? I've got some other things starting up in a few minutes so I'm not sure I can actually give you a good opening post.
Sure! Remind me tomorrow and I can :) Would you prefer PM or forum?

CelestinaGrey wrote:
Sure! Remind me tomorrow and I can :) Would you prefer PM or forum?
Forum, I have a habit of reading PMs and then walking away from them <_<

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