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* Elena was an ordianry girl who lived with her Aunt May and her older brother Peter. She has been wondering why Pete has been gone for so long lately and coming back lately with bruises and cuts and black eyes. Aunt may didn't seem worried but...something is wrong
I need someone I play Peter and aunt may

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I can play as parker
I can actually play Peter pretty well
Hmmm how about one of you plays Peter Parker and one of you plays uh....his twin brother names Josh Parker who has the same powers
This sounds like a great idea!
I don't really want to play an aunt, tho. Is it ok if I play a friend of Elena's or something?
If not, it's fine. :) Just wanted to say how cool this idea is and see if I could join.
I'll be peter
Kk would you like to start
Let me make his character
You can start when you've made the character
*walks out of his room in the morning wearing his suit beneath hid outfit he ruffles his sisters hair*
"Hey little sis"
Laughs* Peter stop it
*he laughs and stops* " hello aunt may" *grabs some food*
* aunt may smiles* hello Peter
* Elena hands u her bowl* oh can u clean this thx * runs off*
*drops it in the sink and grabs his back pack*
I grab my back pack* come on Peter your going to miss the bus!!
*runs outside to the bus*
Runs after u as climbs into bus* slow poke

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