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Rlaas-meila (played by Roma)

Okay so...I don't REALLY hear voices in my head (usually) but anyway. I was hoping I could find some people that would be interested in RPing in the little universe I've created for this character. =D

I was thinking the RP would take place either on regular Earth, or post-apocalyptic Earth. Either way radio signals would be picked up by a passing Keig cruiser and word would be sent to the Capital. After a few months of sitting on the desk of one of the many Bureaucrats my character, Rlaas, would be sent to inspect what exactly is going on. Upon reaching the planet he would scan it and land near one of the more populous areas. He would begin studying the inhabitants. Characters could come in as natives, Ubot who heard of the Keig interest in the planet and were sent down as well, or whatever you can imagine really.

On that note I am also looking for someone to create the Keig's rival race, the Ubot. I can provide basic details if needed, and plus Serendipity is a great resource when in need of ideas. I would do it myself but, after designing one Alien race I think I might be kaput.

But yah, mainly just looking for anyone who would be interested in this aforementioned RP. I want to make sure there is an interest before I start the topic, and if any additional info is needed please ask!

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