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Rinket (played by FlowerCup)


----Every so often a place always churning and changing and so very much alive has a little game. Whoever is unfortunate enough to be plucked by the great Labyrinth will have very much to encounter. Whole new unimaginable worlds,friends, enemies and so much more.But hey , sometimes being thrown into a unwanted adventure can be thrilling. Especially one that you aren't guaranteed to make it out alive.The Labyrinth calls. Can you hear it?

It welcomes you
Rick Tumor (played by Louisblah)

The sleeping prince woke with a start, though he did not immediately open his eyes, stretching and yawning. However, he quickly noticed something seemed to be off, and then they did blink open. He shook his head, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, but what he saw hadn't gone away. "What in all the eight elements is this?" he grumbled, rising to his feet. He'd fallen asleep in a set of relatively simple, white robes, that fell to mid-shin when he stood at his full height. At least his sandals seemed to have come with him--wherever this dark room was.

And dark it might be, though there seemed to be enough light coming from somewhere that allowed him to see that it was very different than anything he was used to. Even the hidden passages he and Alex used to sneak out of the palace from time to time, weren't this dull of a grey. He had no idea what kind of stone this place seemed to be made of, though it was certainly a sizable room, the size of a small underground cavern at least. He started to move in an ever widening circle, trying to see if he could locate any signs of exits or entrances.

((for reference the room he's in, is made of concrete, hope that's ok--if anyone else woke up/arrived in the same room, feel free to specify the exact dimensions if you like))
Rinket (played by FlowerCup)

Everything was going on this fine day on her planet. Alone in her room at her parents house with her family. Where she should be. Her legs kicked as she lay on her stomach listing to old tunes of when she was younger. It brought comfort to her as well as nostalgia for the old days. Oh how she will enjoy this day...except not

Her antennas twitched and her eyes flew open to what she was expecting was her room but instead was black. She got up with a start fully alert

Oh no

Did the travel stones wonk out on her? They couldn't have...they always made a portal and a certain sound. She just suddenly ended up here without warning. She felt no energy residue the stones would have left.

"Oh my Velciouse Rinket does not need this right now!" Hey eyes adjusted to the dark and she could see the walls were made of stone. There looked to be no way of getting out... she walked along the walls trailing her hand on the cold stone walls thinking if she could use something she had replicated with her Anos. Before she could even come to a conclusion the floor started to rumble an shake, infact the walls started to rumble and shake. He knees hit the floor hard and she held them in pain

"Ow! What's going on?!" The floor glowed yellow in between the cracks of the stone making a design. Light flooded in form elsewhere, in front of her the stone wall rose up and she covered her eyes from he blinding light.
moon (played by animelover)

can I join please

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