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"Hello, welcome to my hut in the wilderness," Karuna says to you, moving aside from the door so you can enter. You smell sweet burning incense and your eyes adjust gradually to the low light of the lanterns and candles.

You extend your hand and Karuna looks at it momentarily, then her brown eye rise to meet yours as she gently reaches around you and, instead, gives you a hug.

"Have a seat," Karuna says after, pulling out a comfortable chair for you. "I've got a pot of tea on."

She goes out into the kitchen and comes out with 2 cups of tea and the kettle. She lays it all on the table, with some biscuits/cookies.

Then Karuna sits down and turns to you as she sips her tea.

"Now. You came here to talk. So let's talk. What would you like to talk about?" Karuna asks, waiting patiently for an answer. They have only an hour together, so she doesn't waste any words.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino stumbled on a hut in the middle of the forest that he was curios to step inside. There he was greeted by a woman that he take time to look around until she lead her to sat down on the chair.

Come to think of it, The first question he would ask to her.
"I've never seen this hut before during my everyday hunting. Who are you and what is this place?"

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