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Gentle-Heart (played by Riik)


This is a closed 1x1 scenario. For anyone else wishing to play a version of this RP scenario, please visit THIS FORUM THREAD.

Billowing grey smoke rose from the midst of the woodlands, releasing into the atmosphere a highly unusual scent. Even amongst the smell of the local wildlife, the alien fumes cut through. Unlike anything ever found on earth, it brought with it a sensation that was neither pleasant nor horrible.

The source, nestled in the centre of a large crater - was some sort of aircraft. Its sleek grey hull was of a texture unlike any human construct. Much of its shape was twisted, buried and detached from the impact of the apparent crash it had been involved in. From a distance, it might have been a mysterious new secret government project. But close up... it was unmistakeably alien. About the size of a private jet plane, but unusually wide and seemingly not built with aerodynamics in mind, there was a distinct possibility that this was some kind of space craft.

For a time, the craft lay still and tranquil. Or at least as tranquil as a smouldering wreck could possibly be. Only the rising smoke moved amongst the crash-made clearing. Even the wildlife refused to approach. Then... from somewhere within the craft, came a sweet melodic twittering. Like a small bird with unusually sapient musicality. Had one of the many avian inhabitants of the woods braved the wreckage to create itself a new nest...? Or had something survived the crash?

A few seconds after it had begun, the twittering stopped. But maybe it had been enough... maybe this moment of chirping had fuelled the curiosity of one of this planet's inhabitants. If so... their life and perspective about the universe was about to change... they were about to discover that alien life was very real.

Roque had 'ran' from her parents about two hours ago. Sh put ran into mental quotation marks being that they probably hadn't noticed. The woodland was a place for her to pace, appreciate the trees and the life, and to calm herself from the hellhole she called home. Well,usually.

She had left her phone at home, meaning when her brother called for her, she wouldn't have to deal. However, after seeing something just… smoke up billows, she regretted it. It wasn't spreading like a forest fire, but she was still nervous about it… but she wanted to check it out. At her core, she wasn't not wanting to check it out, and she could definitely get away and go for help if it was a forestfire… although she had the strangest sense it wasn't.

About twenty minutes later of hiking and climbing a bit, and scraping her knee a bit, she managed to get to the source and… She was just peeking out from behind a tree and what looked like just a giant… crash of metal. The huge crater around it would have suggested an asteroid, but the… thing in the center was just… a mishmash of technology and destroyed material.

She didn't know that much about what to do in this type of situation. She really wished she brought her phone or calling for help… or pictures. She should head back, inform someone… who could she even tell that would believe her? This was an… an alien craft, in describing it to anyone she'd seem like a tinfoil wearing teen with "Believe" posters doubling as wallpaper.

She had made up her mind to sneak back and grab her phone,despite the time that would take, when she heard a light, songlike twittering from the craft. It was… enjoyable, even, and she slightly regretted it when it stopped. It sounded… like a strange bird, but it wasn't one that she had ever heard here… and she came out here often.

She quickly realized that whatever it was was actually coming from the craft. Was it one of the broken machines on it? Or… was someone or something inside? Oh god,she had seen a scene like this in movies before. Some weird, inhuman monster crawled out and killed the wildlife and the occasional hiker nearby…

She was about to run off when another thought crossed her mind. What if the monster was hurt?Or if their was actually a human in their muffled by some breathing apparatus? She needed to at least… see. No one had come out yet, so…

Sucking in a breath of air, Roque began slowky walking out of her cover and towards the craft, barely holding herself from dashing off and screaming.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Warmth emanated from the hull of the ship, almost as though confirming the fact that it had felt the scorching heat of breaking the atmosphere. Yet there was no discolouration from burning anywhere on the craft. Though damaged and with more than one small hole in the hull, it appeared that there was no way into the ship through any damaged sections. However, in the back of the craft's central hull, a sliding airlock door was stuck half-open, leaving enough space for a human to crawl through. It was difficult to see beyond it, given there was a second open doorway not far along - likely the inner door of the airlock, only apparently this one had been able to open fully - and the lighting inside was not great.

Another bout of twittering broke out, this time soft and... somehow questioning, followed by what sounded like someone rummaging through equipment. The chirping sounded unusually like an Earth thrush, though not of any particular breed. But like the sound that had come earlier, again it was too musical.
That noise… something was alive in there. But being closer to the source, Roque now certain that her previous idea of it being a human was certainly… unlikely. It sounded as if the music was made purposely, and beautifully. Standing by the hatch, she realized that she didn't have… any form of plan for this. So many things coud be there, and maybe she shouldn't just shove herself in.

The hatch seemed… big, if she ncould fit into it thru just half opened. What creature would need something that big? Pacing around in circles, she had made up her mind to retreat and maybe just not come back, and was going to put her plan inyo action, when she decided against it. She just… doubted that the sound would come from the horrible beasts she was picturing. Unless it was like an anglerfish, and it lured people to it?

She decided to boost the morale of her nerves by taking a step from the hatch. Then, nervously and half-whispering, she quietly spoke down the doorway.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

There was the sound of something inhaling loudly through its nose. It sounded more animal than human, given the low pitch of the sound of air being sucked in suggested large nostrils. Then something dropped to the floor. It wasn't metal... or plastic... it had an oddly ceramic nature to it; but didn't smash on impact. And the floor too seemed to have its own uniquely alien quality - it sounded hard and almost like laminated wood with a hint of concrete. Then there was the pattering of feet fleeing from the room just beyond the airlock. Almost paw-like, but with no hint of claws, and bigger than most mammals, as though they were scaled toward legs of human-thickness.

The footsteps then stopped and were followed by a slight thud, like someone slumping against an interior wall.

The interior of the ship was so silent... so effective at removing outside noise... that even the slightest of noises was clear enough to hear. This allowed the sound of quiet, shaky, terrified breathing to just about reach the outer doors.
Having let out a soft squeak at the sound of something dropping, Roque was sincerely wondering what was going to happen. Al she could hear from inside was her own panicked breathing…

Wait. That wasn't hers. Whatever was inside… was making that noise. Roque began hurriedly moving around in circles, pacing and mentally screaming. Why'd she think that was a smart idea? She just… it probably didn't understand her, she wasn't able to speak to it, it probably just heard noise outside and responded as such… she probably should go. Before anything came out.

She took a few small steps before taking stock of the noise. It hadn't seemed to change. Maybe it wasn't chasing her. Or maybe it was just broken machines? No. She just wanted to believe that. She coughed to clear her throat. Sh had already… told of her presence. Could she make herself… known not to be a target of whatever weaponry was aboard? W-Without knowing their language? Oh god,she was panicking again. She needed to either run or talk, and so…
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

The breathing continued. Whatever was in there didn't seem too keen on coming out. At the sound of a second 'hello', the breathing became muffled, like someone had a put their hands over their face. In fact it was so quiet that it just about allowed a second sound to be vaguely audible.

What sounded like a radio seemed to have been left active inside the ship. Its volume was turned so far down, that either it was being broadcast through some sort of headphones, or the being inside had such a powerful sense of hearing that such volume was just fine for it. It was impossible to tell just what was playing on the radio... but from the vague drone of near-inaudible noise, it didn't sound like music. It was impossible to identify the language being spoken. Or even if it was speech at all... it might have been other sounds that only sounded like speech because of how the mind worked.

Gentle-Heart was terrified. They recognised speech, even if they could not mimic it - the overlord species whose space their homeworld was located also spoke in speech. But naturally, this was not their language. It was hard to tell from the one word that had been repeated whether or not it was the same language being spoken on the radio interception device that was currently playing in the living space. Gentle-Heart couldn't understand it.

The question was... what was this individual after...? Gentle-Heart feared the worst... they always did. They were cowardly by nature. They could tell from the sound of movement outside that the being there was humanoid. Uneasy. Maybe even scared themselves...? But fear wasn't always an indicator of good intent. A thief could be scared whilst robbing a home, after all. A murderer frightened whilst trying to kill their target. Fear meant little. But they couldn't learn more without looking at the alien inhabitant of this world. And for that, they would have to leave their hiding place. Maybe if I stay hidden, it will go away... they thought to themselves. But what if it comes in...?

Gentle-Heart clasped their hands over nostrils, trying to silence their breathing. It was becoming difficult to keep their vocal tract relaxed... but they couldn't let it tense up... now was not the time to release an unwanted whistle.
No response. Roque was sill frightened, who wouldn't be, but still, a slight sigh of relief came as no giant beast came crashing out. Roque listened closer, and heard…whatever was maing that breathing noise was… almost unnoticeable compared to whatever that radioesque noise was. As quiet as it was, Roque couldn't hear any details, but… maybe she should just… go. Whatever this was was probably hugely out of her lead.

She walked off a step, then walked back, and contined this glorified pacing before giving a huff in annoyance and sitting down. How could she not make up her mind? Thelogical thing to do would be running off like a chicken minus a head, getting help or something… yet… she did want to just… explore it. And see whatever it was inside.

Doung a couple of nervous arm stretches, she bruhed a small blep of hair out of her eyes.
"A-Alright… c-can I c-c-co…"
Realizing that she was thinking about it again, she gave herself a light slap before finishing her sentence whie she was distracted.
With that said, she poked her toe down into the abyss that was the hatch door hesitantly.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Another sharp inhale sounded from deep within the ship. As a fairly small craft, there wasn't much distance between the front and back. Directly beyond the airlock was a dark living space, complete with a small kitchen area, a single-seater table, a work counter upon which the alien-looking radio-like device sat and what looked like a bed built directly into the wall. There also seemed to be a closet door near the kitchen. A few unusually-shaped crates were piled up near to the airlock.

On the other side of the living space was another open doorway, leading into a two-seater cockpit. The only light that reached the living space seemed to be coming from both the airlock and the cockpit window, as well as through a handful of tiny holes that had made it all the way through. An odd green glow was also coming from the cockpit, which was also where the sound of the breathing was coming from.

Whilst there was nothing resembling a set of headphones by the radio, the speakers seemed to have similar properties - the sound they made only really reached a short range before dropping off to almost nothing. Even from inside the airlock, it wasn't loud enough to tell whether it was speech or not. One would need to get a lot closer for that.
Roque took a deep breath to calm herself, she wished shehad brought her phone ever so much. This place was… surprisingly human. This looked like a living area,perha…

Roque squealed for a split second. Did she just… break into the ship's living area? Oh god, she needed to get out… no. Maybe the ship wanted her here, yeah. The door was open, and… whoever was making that breathing hadn't come out to stop her. Yeah… she was fine.

Justifying it like that to herself, Roque looked around the room in more detail. As her fear wore off slightly, her sense of wonder kicked in. She was probably the first person to ever enter such an alien craft… that was something important that she never would've thought to happen to her, of all people. Didn't first contact happen thru…goverment officials or outrageous looking movie stars? Well… It had never happeed bfore, as far as she knew. There was no right or wrong way of it, she gussed.

As she thought, she noticed the radio in more detail. Unnaturally quiet,bu now that she could hear it a bit better, her curiosity was piqued. Quietly as she could manage, more out of stress then stealth, she took steps towards it.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

The approach to the radio - as alien as the rest of the apparatus in the room, yet still familiar enough to work out its purpose - slowly brought its audio into focus. First, it was confirmed it was speech. But closer inspection revealed the speech to be in English. Discussing recent news events. In the local area. And then the weather came on. And here she was... in an alien space ship... listening to a weather report.

Gentle-Heart started shaking. The intruder was getting closer. Their eyes began to water. Nose beginning to run slightly. At first they tried wiping their face clean with their hand. But it was too late. Their breathing had increased in volume. Become more shaky. And now, it was only worsened by the occasional sniffle.

what sounded like crying began to break out from inside the cockpit. Or at least... it was not far off that. The inhuman nose and complete lack of vocal whimpers or mouth-breathing made it sound slightly... unusual. Then it happened. Proof that the bird sounds were coming from that same being. A quick, sorrowful chirp broke out, perfectly in time with the breathing.
Roque, listening to the weather report, almost giggled slightly. She felt stupid and all panicked for nothing,heh. Sunny and low windchill. The thing that stopped her from actually giggling was the suddn noises from the cockpit.

Roque jumped slightly at the sounds. Before… realizing that it was no charge or warcry, but… oh dear. Roque had been the source of tht type of noise often enough to realize that even whenit came from some sort of… bird-beast, it sounded like? She recognized it at face value. She ran towards it, not thinking that she herself may have been the cause or the creature's discomfort. Roque shouted out as she moved for it,
"Are you okay?"
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

The twittering grew more intense at the sound of running. Like an angry little bird trying to break out of a bird cage... only sad instead of angry. Then came the question... and the chirping died down.

Gentle-Heart tried to calm their nerve. Are you okay...? They didn't understand the language yet, but... there was concern. Like all Void-Dancers, Gentle-Heart had fantastic empathy. In some cases, they didn't need to understand words to know what they meant.

Shakily, Gentle-heart got onto their knees and crawled toward the doorway. Shyly, they grabbed the edge with one of their hands and peeked around the corner.

Covered in short, soft-looking lilac fur and disappearing into a fluffy puff of equally soft-looking white hair, a hand reached out and grabbed the edge of the doorframe. Briefly visible upon the four pointed fingers were white pads, that quickly disappeared as the hand closed around the wall. Then a head popped around the corner. At first, it looked like human hair... but much like the hair on the arm, it soon became apparent that it was far too soft. And the way it transitioned from yellow to cyan in a perfect gradient seemed beyond the capabilities of normal hair dye. The hair framed a yellow-furred face, flanked by four large ears that looked almost deer-like in nature. Much like the pads on the hand, the exposed flesh on the inside of the ears was white. Four eyes were visible on the face, each a different colour from the last. Red, violet, cyan, blue... stunningly vivid and very much wet from crying. Tears streaked through the fur at an angle, given the head wasn't currently upright from its position.

As the head continued to poke out, a short animal-like snout came into view. It was rounded in a manner more suitable to a soft toy caricature than an actual living mammal. But whilst most snouts had a nose somewhere near the top of the front edge, there wasn't a nose to be found on this creature... until it continued to reveal its face. Two tall slits sat in the very centre of the snout, themselves also moist from crying. Their position was such that they continued along past where the mouth would normally be. The creature's face was remarkably still. No movement of cheek bones or jaw... but as the chin finally popped out from its hiding place, the reason was clear. I didn't have a jaw. And therefore didn't have cheeks. It was as though its skull was just one solid bone.

Nostrils flaring with each breath, the alien watched Roque very intently, all four eyes staring as if looking into her soul... and actually reading it.

Gentle-Heart's eyes fixed on the alien in front of them. And it was then that they realised their fears were unfounded. Now that they could see it... they could read the alien's body language. It wasn't hostile... it was concerned. Anxious. And definitely quite curious. Experimentally, Gentle-Heart let out a questioning trill of whistles. There was no language to their nasal chirping. But it did act as punctuation during conversations. And this particular chirp was a question mark.

She could not put into words what she was… seeing. That… that… She tried to focus on one thing and regretfully looked at the eyes. Each one different color and just… staring at her. She took a step backwards subconciously, then took another one back conciously.

How did she… aargh. Movies had told her that aliens would be much easier for people to realize they were seeing them and comprehend it so they could act. Movies were lying. Roque had to use all of her strength to not run out, nor scream in a mix of fear and confusion, nor fall onto the floor. No amount of imagining the alien would have helped wigh this,and she had the stranet urge to just pet it?

She shook her head slightly, straightened her back, and began to actually realize that the alien had… said something. It had sounded… questioning?Confused? W-Was it asking what she was doing in here? She… She…
Well, that'd work. It probably wouldn't undertand eloquent speech anyway, which is good, because she couldn't manage it.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Seeing what was occurring ahead, Gentle-Heart's eyes widened and ears pricked upward in shock. Did I... scare them? They thought to themselves, imaging the sensation of their body dancing those words rather than hearing speech in their mind. This was not what they wanted. Terrifying others...? They couldn't live that down...

Still shaky, damp-faced and sniffling from their earlier crying, Gentle-Heart slowly got to their paw-like feet, stepping out into the doorway to reveal the rest of their lilac-furred body and the rainbow-coloured patches of soft hair that covered various areas like a non-curly-haired poodle. Though the small being was having trouble standing - their legs feeling like jelly - they tried to reach out forward reassuringly with one hand, trying to quickly think of a way to express themselves. Their ears drooped backward and they let out a low sorrowful whistle.
Rainbows. Roque couldn't handle it. She had so many conflicting emotions and she didn't know which one to go with nd OH GOD it just shoved out their hand at her and she panicked and took a small step back but it didn't seem that it wanted to hurt her and infact it seemed worried and no she didn't want it to be seem like that and this was a horribe first impresion for oh her god she was representing the entire human race here and

Roque sat down, attempting to control her extremely hyperactive breathing and thoughts. However, she needed to do somethng, something other then this apparent meltdown. So, she…

raised up her hand…

and gave a weak thumbsup.

She couldn't even believe she did that, what made her think that they'd understand aaaaa

Roque slammed her back into the ground and rolled over. Stupid.
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Gentle-Heart took some shaky steps toward the alien that was currently... rolling on the ground... I can't judge... in their culture, this could be normal behaviour...

As their EM receptors dimly lit up the space around them with a dull green glow, Gentle-Heart knelt down over the alien, offering a hand as though to help her up. Their facial feelers wiggled in anxiety, worried that their friendly offer would be rejected. Gentle-Heart liked making friends, not enemies... and as weird as this tall, bald-bodied primate seemed to be... Gentle-Heart wanted them to get along.

As they made this gesture, they listened out with part of their attention for the radio, continuing their earlier efforts to learn the language. Perhaps if they could get their main computer working, they could scan for any visual feeds. Their earlier observations of the world suggested they had the technology for it.
It took a moment for Roque to even realize that the hand had been offered.

Oh. She should… take it. She guessed she was worrying the poor fuzzy thing. She didn't want to… she was jst acting stupid and if she dwelle o that fact she'd panic sgain… and…

She accepeted the hand and smiled weakly. They didn't have a mouth, would they understand?
Gentle-Heart (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Gentle-Heart took the alien's hand, trying to help pull them up. But it wasn't very effective. Even for their height and delicate build, it seemed weak. They continued to examine the alien's body language, reading gratefulness from the way it moved. Of course, they weren't right all the time... but it was usually a good guess.

Gentle-Heart then placed their free hand on their chest with emphasis, before whistling a short high pitched trill, followed by a short, cheerful lower chirp. Another two similar chirps sounded, raising in pitch, followed by a final trill that was slightly lower than the last chirp. Their name. When they were done, they gestured to the alien in a similar manner.
Roque pulled herself up, realizing the gesture was mostly symbolic and treating it as such. She felt…much calmer. This was fine.

Seeing the alien gesture to themselves, she turned and focused on them. And then… hell. Their name was a bit… impossible, even though nice. Roque couldn't copy that with a hundred years of practice. She rubbed her neck before nodding, and tried to whistle the first… 'character'of their 'name'.She hoped she wasn't butchering it or worse, insulting them.

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