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Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

*transports on to the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D*

*finds a replicator*

*Replicates two glasses of synthohol and hands you one*

Is this just an open rp or are you wanting PM rp or what's the deal? Last star trek rp I tried to get into flopped hard and I was disappointed. Wouldn't mind trying again thou really
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

((yeah, I'm just messing around right here. Nothing formal. Just literally a place for some random actions with Star trek themes because YES the last science fiction RP I did died out too and I can't invest that kind of energy on anything new. So I just put this here because a girl named Suwako was making Star Trek references about me replicating things or transporting things, so I was like...I'm going to make a place for that. Just for fun, somewhat random, one-line type things right here in the forum. a few months when my Overtime Season is over I might have to hit you up and see if you're still interested because I do love Star Trek))
((Okay well I'll try to play along a little....probably not as a space station but more of an OC alien))
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

((By all means :)

And...impressive character by the way ))
Pix took the glass of synthehol smiling.

"You know most people in star fleet think I'm too young for this, really I am just too short," she laughed a bit nervously, "what are we celebrating?"
((Thanks....its a long term project which is not yet finished :) ))
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

Jess grew wide-eyed as she took a sip of her synthohol.

"Really?" she said, "Well, I'm sure sure they will love having you on the Enterprise! After all, no one likes climbing through the jeffries tubes, but you could probably get through them with ease." Her eyes sparkled as she smiled slightly, hoping the joke about height wouldn't hurt Pix's feelings or anything.

"I dont know about you, but I'm celebrating this mission. Being assigned to the Enterprise as an intern to study under the famous Counselor Deanna Troi is the dream of every psychology student at Starfleet Academy! I can't believe I got so lucky. I just hope she doesn't try to read my mind," Jess said, winking at Pix. "How about you? What brings you here?"
Pix took a long slow drink of the strangely flavored synthehol, making a face that reflected the strange taste it had. She slapped her mouth a couple times afterwards looking at the glass a moment before back to Jess.

"I was just assigned here, actually. I love places and new cultures." She looked about 10 forward a moment at the nearly dozens of different races around her, not one of them being her own.

"When I heard about Starfleet it sounded like the perfect place for me," she said turning back to Jess.

"Oh," Pix said, exchanging the glass she held from one hand to the other for little reason. She extended her hand in a handshake-like gesture, ready to welcome however it was this alien greeting people. "I am Ensign Pix, I have just been assigned into the science department."
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

Jess smiled and shook her hand.

"Please to meet you, Ensign. I'm acting Ensign Jessica Campbell, but you can call me Jess." She shrugged. "I don't have a permenant rank yet, since I'm still a student. I've very happy we ended up talking, it's nice to already know someone on board."

She thought Pix looked very adorable, but that wasn't the sort of thing you say to a Starfleet Officer, so she just grinned and looked her over.

"You know, if you don't like the synthohol, I'm sure Guinan would get you something else. I've read that she's quite friendly! What do people from your planet usually drink?" she inquired curiously.

As she waited for the answer, Jess looked around 10 forward as well and spotted the first officer. Looking as sharp as in the pictures, tall, in his red and black uniform with his perfectly trimmed beard. He was sitting alone with an ale, scanning the room himself and suddenly, their eyes met. For a moment Jess could have sworn he winked at her.

She leaned down and spoke softly to Pix, her voice full of nervous excitement,

"Oh my god! I think Commander Riker just winked at me! I think...but no...surely he didn't! Did he? Is he looking at me?"
"I agree," Pix replied, "it will be nice to have someone to confide my mistakes in." There were several she could mention just from the academy alone, but she suspected she should air her dirty laundry first and foremost. There would be time to mention her now laughable mistakes later.

"Ahh....Oil actually..." she said dryly. "I have found it is not something a lot of other aliens drink actually." She was glad for the almighty replicator. While it did not produce the best glass of Eola she ever had, at least she was able to have it again. She had had to have her personal replicator programmed to make it, as she suspected she would here now also.

She glanced over at the commander when Jess gestured. While it wasnt in her own races courting behavior, she had been around enough aliens to know what Jess was likely thinking now. She openly waved at the commander smiling, and glanced back to Jess after she did.

"Why do you not go talk to him? An ensign on the last starbase told me he was quite friendly."
Natasha romanoff (played anonymously)

( May I join?
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

Natasha romanoff wrote:
( May I join?

Sure, it's open. Join right in.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

Jess grinned.

"Oil? Well...that's not so hard to understand. It has high caloric value. But yes, your species is quite unique," Jess said. Then she answered,

"Do you think I should? Oh gosh. Okay, but don't go anywhere! I need an excuse to get away if it goes horribly!"

Jess took a large gulp of synthohol and walked towards the dashing bearded first officer.
Natasha romanoff (played anonymously)

I looked around the ship nervously, trying to figure out what to do when someone bumped into me “ s-sorry!.” I say gasping when I see who it was
Pix kept a large smile on her face watching Jess walk over to the first officer. She knew it would be against policy for him to engage in a relationship with a crew member, but technically Jess had claimed to be only a student. One could say there was a grey area in which to live out her fantasy with him, and Pix would be glad to see it happen.

She downed the last of her synthehol making the same face as before, this time with an audible "ugh" to conclude it. She took a few steps over to the bar and floated herself onto one of the stools, turning to keep an eye on Jess and monitor her progress with Commander Riker.
Jess (played by Abigail_Austin) Topic Starter

Jess' eyes were fixed on Commander Riker and she didn't even see Natasha Romanoff in her peripheral vision. So focused was she on whether or not the first officer's piercing blue eyes would rise from his ale and meet hers again she was completely surprised where the redhead bumped into her.

"Oof!" Jess said. "No...uh...that's alright." She smiled and stuck out her hand to shake the women's hand.

"I'm acting ensign Jessica Campbell," she said, "'ll have to excuse me, but if you want to sit with my new friend Pix at the bar, I'm sure she wouldn't mind," Jess said, pointing and looking at Pix.

Jess did a double take when she saw Pix was on a stool. How did she get up there? Jess wondered, then shrugged and walked up to Riker's table. He looked up at her, his surprise showing through his raised eyebrows and his slight, bemused smile.

Jessica smiled widely at the man.

"Hello, I'm Acting Ensign Jessica Campbell," she said smoothly, not tripping up. "I'm just boarded today." She stuck her hand out in the same fashion.

"It's an honor to be aboard the Enterprise, sir, and it's a pleasure to meet you!"

Jess' brown eyes and smile were friendlier than her protocol determined words, and he could surely see that. Commander Riker grinned broadly, as he does when he sees a beautiful woman, and then it was as if he suddenly remembered his manners. He stood, quickly, tugging at the bottom of his uniform to straighten it.

He took her hand in his, smile still appearant and eyebrows rising ever so slightly as he touched her hand with his. His piercing blue eyes gazed into her brown ones.

"The pleasure is mine," he said. And the words seemed to carry more meaning than those words would ordinarily carry. What kind of pleasure he meant...that where the hidden meaning was. His eyes and smile and his tone of voice said showed the flirtatious quality of his innocent-sounding pleasantry. Jess liked it and the butterflies in her stomach seemed to make her heart vibrate with a soft buzz.

She found herself staring at his beautiful smile, and her smile grew wider, as she couldn't think of what to say.


She looked back up into his piercing blue eyes.

"Th-thank you." She shook her head slightly at herself and let out a nervous laugh.

((Do you guys think I captured Commander Riker just a little tiny bit maybe?? I'm excited! I've never tried to write anything Star Trek before. And I love Star Trek. I think I captured his mannerisms a tiny bit, yeah? Sorry this took so long. I will be weekly probably, but it's neat to have something with the words Star Trek going in here. ))
Natasha romanoff (played anonymously)

I looked at the stool where her friend was “ ah hi pix? “
"Oh hello," Pix responded to the approaching redhead, wondering how she knew her name. She quickly returned her gaze to Jess, who even from Pix's distant seat seemed nervous. She smiled as she watched what she saw as a very strange courtship ritual. Taking a mate in her own species was far less awkward and clunky than most other races, humans included.

"How do you know my name?" Pix inquired, looking back to the unidentified redhead with a confused look on her face.
Natasha romanoff (played anonymously)

You’re friend told me..”

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