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I have 3 Academies to choose from and 3 countries to choose from as well as a needing a head knight to pass the Code down to the young men.

First one is Fort Questor. This country is in the Modern Time mixed with Impossibilities (A lot of problem solving not just for The Law's Territory and DeForrest Land) In this Academy you will learn how to travel around and collect treasures after a massive Magick War. You will also learn how to go from country to country to do the trading betweening the small amount of people in each country.

The Second one is Aisling Morpheus Academy or AMA-this is concerned with Modern Time mixed with Higher Beings of which you will learn how to do spells, potions and more.

The Third one is Galluntree which is concerned with Modern time mixed with Medieval Ideology. This is where I need a head knight as well as students. All of the old World/Medieval World charm mixed with technology of tomorrow and today. Enjoy feasts, jousting, and other such activities from that time Era today.

Now if you see a position that I have not thought of needing, please let me know. This RP is on Discord.

Fort Questor is

AMA is

Galluntree is

If you wish to you could have a character in all three! A special summer event is being planned for all of the academies to participate in.

Ask any questions that you have here!
Are there any of you considered to be an 'older' (50 and over) and like to RP about Magic?
I have a few ideas for an older group of RPers if I found 5-6 that would like to join me.
For those of you who are confused about what this world is. This world is in stages shortly after a big Magick War. There are some remnants still laying around. A terrible incident even occurred due to one of these remnants. It's planned to have each country specializing in one thing. So far, there only three academies open to students.

The first one being Fort Questor where students will learn to collect treasures while traveling from country to country, trading

The second one being Aisling Morpheus Academy (AMA). This one focuses a lot on higher beings as well as spells and potions.

The third one is Galluntree. It is a castle with a Queen. It focusing mainly on medieval ideology.

That being said; In each of these, students will be learning at least the basic magic spells. It's just a matter of what you'd prefer. Galluntree does need more students as well as a knight, however. Also, after completing Level 2 classes, students can start choosing a career and working toward that. And as already stated, the rp is on discord.

Please ask any questions you may have.

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